LF Guild (Content/Raid/M+/Social)


My name is Peter, 31, UK, and I am looking for a guild to do some content with. This can be current and past. I enjoy completing the current content whilst completing achievements from the old.

I have mained an Elemental Shaman since forever but have overly enjoyed my DH since 8.3 started. I only play Elemental for nostalgia really so please don’t ask for heals or for enhance as I’m really inexperienced at it. I mainly focused Havoc during 8.3 but have tanked some content during Legion, however I am rusty and will need some practice.

Please feel free to comment below.

Many Thanks

Hey there, we are a semi-hardcore guild, we have 12/12HC and we’re building our team to jump into mythic, if you want put an application in:

Hey Stormblow, thanks you for your response. I have submitted my application as requested. I hope you like it.


Hey we accepted your application, added you in bnet whisper me in game for invite :slight_smile:

How about me joining?

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