LF GUILD Return Players (Please Read) Silvermoon

Heya All, (Silvermoon)

Pls dnt mind abt too much story, I wanted to brief my self & my friends.

We are 3 friends came from US to EU 03 weeks back (Home Country : Srilanka). To be honest we played in WOTLK 3.3.5 private server for 5 years until WOD released, we came to wow with said expansion. Since we had good gears and all we couldn’t progress in US due to high ping between 300ms to 350ms. We had a good time with guilders there earlier unfortunately that guild was left alone without active players in US.

We planned and moved to EU & looking for a good guild to progress. We are only 410 to 4115 ilvl that doesn’t mean we cant do anything. My vision is to join core raid team to progress & we can do perfectly which task assigned to us.
I wanted to stay in a guild rather than hoping guild which is best.

Without giving opportunity they are asking AOTC + Raider IO …:pensive:. However this is all about us & if u afford us a place in your guild, let me know.

My Battle Tag : CHANDJACK#11904
My Discord ID : McaNcy#9441

Hey there! I run a small Alliance guild on Silvermoon and we would love to take you and your friends on board! Here is our guild post if you like to read it!