LF LATE NIGHT raiding guild realm transfer possible

Hello there,
I’m looking for a semi-hardcore to hardcore late night raiding guild.The raid should start after 22:00 and the endtime doesnt matter to me. The raiding days could be 3-5days a week. I have been playing WoW since Tbc so ive seen alot. Have been raiding on every expansion of the game and have the balls to say that im experienced. The last time i hardcore raided was on Uldir and a bit of the next tier, cuz of a break that i had to take after that.
My main is holy paladin and will be playing him actively on SL as well. The Guild that i want to participate in should be toxicity resistant and will be more than great if it consists of mature players that like to have fun and know when to be serious. If you are offering something close to that and looking for new recruits in Shadowlands i will gladly answer to any questions, that you might have.
My Battlenet Tag is Serphentos#2992 add me there or write a comment on this post

still searching for guild

still looking

are there no guilds left raiding after 21-22pm ? the whole world 18pm-22pm :frowning:

I am aswell looking for quite a while for something decent. Hopefully will find something.

give me your battle net and we might think of something

Added you on Bnet

Hello there, check this

Hey! :slight_smile:

its not quite as late as you’d like but maybe see if TheNightShift is a good fit for you?

Feel free to check out Insomnia late night guild recruiting for Shadowlands