Lf raiding guild

hi looking for 2 days a week mythic raiding guild preferably on draenor/silvermoon. can faction transfer. Ive always worked hard on my main and 1-2 alts outside of raid times grinding m+ and optimizing. and Im a serious player playing at a high level (rarely failing avoidable mechanics, using consumes/defensives etc). and pls I dont want to log in and see 3-5 officers playing between themselves everyday I look for something abit more interesting. only interested in coming back for 9.2 not current tier.

got 3 characters:
Deadson-Karazhan (main Sp)
Shosh-Karazhan (Boomie alt)
Mawgda-Karazhan (dk alt)

u can contact me on discord Sashagrey#5332

Hey! You sound like you might be a great fit for our guild Impaired, we are an Alliance guild on Ravencrest EU who does use a form of loot council. We achieved 7/10 Mythic Castle Nathria after coming into 9.0 late. We are currently 5/10 Mythic Sanctum of Domination working on Painsmith next. The goal this tier is Cutting Edge while keeping a fun atmosphere in our raids with no place for elitism. We are a more mature guild with the average player age around 27-28 and most of us have played the game in some capacity since TBC/Wrath, a lot of us having even played together most of that time. We actively try to run Mythic+ with the majority of our current roster having achieved Shadowlands Keystone Master Season 1 and 2.

You can read more about our guild here; [a][ravencrest] <impaired> - new 2 day raiding guild - #11 by Nuaik-ravencrest. If any of this sounds interesting to you please get in touch with any member of the guild in game, or message Nuaik#0010 on Discord Nuaik#0010 or Battle.net EpicChambers#2556.

still looking


Added you for a chat :slight_smile:

hey :slight_smile: getting my raidleader too add you

still looking

hey ive added you on discord :slight_smile:

If you fancy Horde?! …that does M+, HC raids for socials, and has a Mythic raid team also come on over to our discord for a chat!

Sent you a friend request on Discord

you sound like a bish