LFG [H] [Draenor] Restoration shaman

Hello, I’m looking for a progression guild. I took a “break” for 2 months because of my college schedule, but I still kept up to date my main character as best as I could, I sit at 3/10 H done with pugs, I will attach my logs for some of the runs I did, and I did at least one >10 key/week. I stand at ilevel 213. I will attach my RIO as well. I’m looking for a chill guild to raid with and have fun, It’s been a long time since I had a guild I could call my own. I aim to play restoration, but I can play elemental as well if needed. Thank you! :smiley:

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RIO: raider_io/characters/eu/draenor/Yreeth




Hey there, we’re a newly formed social guild, yet to turn to raiding (even though our GM has been raiding with pugs lol)
Feel free to read about us and get in touch if your interested and wanting to apart of our growing progress

Depending on if you wish to push into mythic or not, as we’re only a HC guild so Mythic is not a goal for us, we might have a nice home for you.

Hello Yreeth,

I’m Fady the guild leader of its always sunny in tanaris we’re a new guild that is about to take our first steps into mythic nathira we’re currently looking for a stable 4th healer and eyes on a fifth. If you’re interested in a laid back raiding atmosphere let me know.

We raid Weekends at 5pm svt

add me on btag if you’d like to chat OmegaKar#1744

Hi Yreeth, we could be something your interested in and are actively recruiting a healer for our raid team and m+

here is our forum post:

Hi there,

Simplistic is a newly formed guild. Of irl friends, and long term ingame friendships.

We have come together, formed a mythic raiding guild. That will aim for CE each tier going forwards.
Currently 2/10 Mythic.

We raid Thursday and Sunday, from 20-23 Server time.

Any newcomers are welcome as Trial position, main raid team is preferably looking for Healers, Warlock - Though all exceptional players are in consideration.

We are looking for socials, to help fill the optional guild events such as RBG’s, Arena, M+.

For any further questions, contact either;
Or on discord;

Hey , ill leave this here for you


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