Lock 10.0 trees wishes

So i see sone of the bits trickle out and for affliction i would love to see.

-Malefic wrath stay as an option as a spender

-shadowburn back in the main tree as a finisher (sorely missed and needed, cmon nostalgia!)

  • unstable affliction target stack as an alternative to wrath

  • demon armor baseline or fel armor back, alternatively demon skin talent baselined to improve survival.

  • soul swap, PLEASE get this back in the game!

What else would you like to see?

You mean Rapture, Wrath is the legendary effect. I would like to see Soul Rot and Decimating Bolt as talents plus the legendary effect.

Also increase the survivability by giving us more passive def, like Demon armor and demon skin.

Soul Swap and Soul Burn back. And a Soul Burn Empowered Soul Swap puts all dots on the target with their full length and can hit all targets around the initial target by 8 yards.

Deathbolt is the new filler spell for affliction, deals 2k initial dmg and 2k dot dmg over 12 seconds, stacks 5 times.

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Most powerful demons by your side from Legion and Coven of Shivarra :wink:

I agree that malefic rupture should be an alternative spender. I much preferred stacking Unstable affliction.

I would like to see infernal to be an option for all speccs or basline like it used to be back in Legion. Although it was on a 3min CD the additional stun was very nice for both affliction and demo warlocks.

Also, infernal is such an iconic ability for warlocks… I mean it was probably the main reason why many rolled warlock ever since the WoW vanilla trailer xD

Baddest version of UA ever it was introduced to be a dispell protection. But now it won’t protect the dots. They need to change this, maybe they will bring it back in 10.0, i rember the stabbing was nice.

They sound fine is Deathbolt as spender and Rupture as filler. Deathbolt wiring like stacking UA with a little direct dmg.

I did not PvP much. I was thinking primarily of the flow of the specc in PVE. I remember having a blast as affli lock in Legion thinking that the specc worked rather smoothly, whereas now it feels much more clunky.

For pvp except the great burst, the design wasn’t that good. That’s why i suggested your playstyle wish but with Deathbolt as stacking dot

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At this point, I’d be surprised if the CDR effect from Wilfred’s wasn’t on the talent tree. It’s been a mainstay for demo for 3 expansions and it’s done the same thing. It’s become intrinsic to the spec in regards to raiding…

There are a lot talents that have this touch but blizzard never changes them. Like for monks they play fire now 8 years Whirling Dragon Punch but it is still a talent. Like it was with Demon Armor, it was used and a necessary pvp Talent since its introduction. The birthmark solution would be making it baseline, blizzard’s solution is removing it from the game.

Warlock too not be OP for the entire xpack :upside_down_face:.

In all seriousness…
Baseline: A descent interrupt that isn’t pet-bound.
Affliction: Seed of Corruption and delete MR.
Destro: Corruption insta cast.
Demon: New pets… It’s getting prety boring…

The interrupt is fine and works in line with the initial intent.

Why would you want to cast Corruption as a destruction warlock? Are you nuts?

Myself and a lot of other players like the way demo plays now. It’s fun, engaging and rewarding. It just sucks if you mess it up.

Destro corruption for added extra ST damage, Why not, it’s a baseline ability unused… It is only a giant DPS loss if you have to cast it… Add a proc % of creating a shard and you have a dps increase.

Demon: It plays ‘alright’ in my opinion but having the same pets for an eternity gets kinda blehhhh…

It’s a stupid spell and shouldn’t have been made available for all specs again. It makes no sense anymore. Immolate is enough as a DOT for that spec.


Corruption was from the very beginning an Affliction skill.

They should just add more survivability for pvp, PvE i guess Affliction needs mir dot dmg.

It is indeed an affliction spell, but instead and making all classes more braindead they should just use what they have more optimally…

Corruption is baseline for Destro > Make it insta cast and % chance for a shard.

I dont see the use for it as Demonlogy though, maybe allow your pet too cast it?

Survivability for PvP is for a sure a must.

Like Atriohm said it, it was stupid to give it to all specs

10.0 Pruning will fix that for you then :melting_face:

I hope the heal debuff from Fury gets nerfed or removed for 10.0

Slaughterhouse could receive a nerf, if they reduce it with 1% each stack it’ll make a great difference without trashing it. But most likely this ability will be deleted in general and grieveous wounds added to Rampage, as Arms has it under Mortal Strike.

will speak only for aff. shopping list incoming

effigy needs to return

siphon life baseline

more tankinesss: passiv sustain and abilities

design spells around 5 shards. that can be a concept for all the spec, to have big shard spender. it can be defensiv or offensiv, in the same spirit that ember tap used to exist. so 5 shards for a dak regen spell that returns a big % health or that interacts with dots like mr currently does, except this would be quite a big damage chunk. it should be overall less dmg than spending shards individually but it’s back up plan on heavy movement fights on in pvp arenas where cast time for a single school casters are an issue

improved healthstones for aff only

pet interaction/leeching for health or ressources. since mana is a thing of the past, most likely health

grimoire of sacrifice should grant max % hp as a buff

drain soul baseline. no execute damage but a small % of dot damage on tick . talents should be about choosing to get an execute or more dot proc for example. but mechanics should be baked into the spell.

instant cast seed, low damage, just to get the dot out easier

soul swap

cold embrace: drain soul slows

saddism : x% of the pain inflictied by your curse of agony heals you

coil baseline

demon armor baseline

either more demon armor, either a passiv reflect from melee attack either spell shield/reflect/absorb

so yeah, all on drains/dots with more defensiv options

you know, dot and rot sustain tanky dark caster

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