Login Servers are Full

Anyone got some problem as me right now? Can’t log in, stuck on login servers then i got an error and isntant dc.

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This exactly. When i logged out of app, it wouldn’t let me login to app.

“Can’t authenticate right now”

I’m getting the “We can’t authenticate you right now. Please try again later.” when trying to log-in to the Blizzard app launcher

Login servers full with position in queue escalating.

Same for me, WoW defaulted to the main login screen and HS justr gave me a All tables full message - 10 mins wait for a table.

Restarted computer and hit a 9 min login queue for the launcher.

Same for me *Update 23 mins login queue now guess the authentication servers are borked again

same issue, login servers full

Happening to me too.
Right now i’m stuck on a Bnet app log in queue.

Battlenet app que 55 minutes atm

Happening on literally every single Blizzard game. Actually unplayable.
Volvo pls fix.

Same here.

Hello folks!

We are aware of the problems and are on it already. No ETA yet, but please rest assured we’ll do everything we can to have things back to normal as quickly as possible.

Thank you all for your patience while we work to have this fixed!

Funny thing is, it constantly changes estimated wait time. Started with 40 minutes, few moments later it was 2 minutes, then 4, then back to 2 and now up to 17 minutes.
Guess it’s a good time to refresh the coffee buff :smiley:

I really cant see why i should have patient to get a service i have paid for ?
Dont think that you will have patient if i dont pay the monthly bill.


alright calm down love, i’m sure you’ll survive

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You must be new! This has been happening for some time. In the old days back in vanilla they would give us some free game time to compensate for serious downtime. An hour or so downtime isn’t too bad get some fresh air.

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I just got in to Battle Net, but now i get “No servers are avaliable” in WoW instead.

What the heck! For the 1st time I get a - it’s a busy day for Blizzard then get given a time as in a queue … it ticks away and then I get presented with “ no servers are currently available. (BLZ51934200) … eh?

I am not new playing since day one .
But there comes a time that you say enough.

You say that like you’ve done nothing but play wow today. Most have already gotten their fresh air and are ready to use their precious leisure time right now.
But I get it, this has been happening for quite some time. Remember csgo a while back, where you couldn’t play with your friend an entire weekend cause of lobby problems