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Since people don’t bother reading my post properly and I’m sick and tired of ignorant retorts or outright attacks, I’m removing this post.

For those who need to know, my original post literally said outright that I want everyone to keep what they have right now and in no way wanted to take anything from anybody.
It just so happens some people don’t want to actually read comments and just want to lash out.


title is only a BIT misleading… not that the rest is any better

but sure you go ahead and have your no-flying shard

im sure you and vinzora will have a blast


Sounds like you should find some fun stuff to do ingame when the total goal was flying and then unsub.


Unlocking flying was one of the best feeling I had this expansion. The freedom to finally fly where I want to, be able to take screenshots, not afk on flight paths and surf the net, to actually have fully immersed gaming travelling around.


During mid Legion, when Kara was released, there was a part of the quest around the old raid entrance where you need to get up onto the bridge. One of our veteran players asked us over TS, “How do I get up there?” To which he was informed (and slightly mocked, huehuehue): “You fly up!”

We all laughed, but it was quite nice that someone had literally forgotten about flying, because of the pathfinder system and spending so much time in the Legion zones.

Nobody would choose a shard where they can’t fly, because if you can, you will.


And that is the answer :slight_smile: If I can see something that I can’t actually get to or it is difficult for me to get to then human curiousity makes me want to try it. I want to see what it is on that ledge I need to get up there. And yes I also remember climbing on the inn in Goldshire before flying was possible and once you mastered how to do it, it feels good.

The grappling hook we used in Stormheim for me was a good way of getting to places before we had flying, I don’t mind gating flying at the beginning of any new expansion as it does make us explore more, but I would hate for flying to be removed from game, we have all just gotten so used to it.


Okay I wanted to propose min maxing your class, trying some end game content like raiding, high m+ or arenas but then I noticed

“I did notice yesterday though… I was in goldshire and I saw people up on the roof of the inn. I checked their level and they were early levels so they couldn’t possibly have flying. I spent some time and figured out how to get up there and i managed it. it was immense fun to be honest. There is so much fun in this game concerning the environment and trying to get to places. my favourite parts of the game are suramar and stormheim because they embrace verticality.
I realised that if I could have flown onto the inn roof, I would not have experienced that challenge and the fun I had.”


What one person finds a challenge is never going to be the same as others, each play the game how they want and at what difficulty


Not sure toxic was the right word to use here. But yeah, some server or shard for non-flyers why not.

Personally I quite like flying and not just for convenience, it’s just cool to have a beast to fly on.


So you want us to basically have 4 different shards?

  • Warmode on
  • Warmode off
  • No flying warmode on
  • No flying warmode off

People already complain enough that they don’t see anyone out in the world, I’m not sure separating them even more is going to help.

Honestly a lot of people still don’t have pathfinder, just use ground mounts to get where you want to and you still won’t be alone.


Actually, I love that. it prompted player interaction when that player didn’t think about flying. I can just imagine how exciting it might be figuring out how to get to such a high place if flying was not possible. it would give the developers an opportunity to put in some little puzzle or minor quest to get a ride up there or some invisible elevator or something.

Flying was like the Holy Grail after enduing Nazjatar before it… good reason to get flying to traverse that horrid zone!


I spent hours re-exploring from the skies after I got flying.

Some zones are much nicer with flying too yes.


I enjoy the game without flying. I enjoy the game with flying. I find getting the flying achievement satisfying and am perfectly happy with how it works.

Edit: And I play much Warmode and find flying has little impact on how fun it is.

Ah now I understand why you don’t like exploring, if you have had disappointment in the past then I can see that it would lose appeal for you :wink:

By the way I post as Emje, would prefer you respond to me as I post and not personal names thanks :slight_smile:


let’s say for example, if all players could fly from level 1 provided they had pathfinder or whatever restriction.
If I had been in goldshire and seen those players on the roof, I never would have considered that they had not just flown up there. it was the very fact that it is impossible for players to fly at that level, that prompted me to think about whether or not you could CLIMB up to the roof.

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So you want more climbable buildings in return for not being able to fly? I’m not sure I get what you mean.

Okay I won’t call you by your name. It’s a lovely name tho. If I ever have a daugher her name will be Eileen or J.

It’s not like flying is preventing people from climbing buildings. We can’t fly initially while levelling. There is nothing to stop people hopping their way up buildings.


So much this.
After being grounded for so long in BFA, finally being able to fly was a massive relief. The freedom and joy I felt…and how beautiful the game suddenly started to look again.
Ground gameplay had its purpose, but once we explore and see so much of the new expansion, flying is desperately needed.
I remember how annoyed and ‘ugh’ I was every time I had to run to the WQ areas and then back again.