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I just did.

You said “ WoD also lost 3.4million subs within first 1/4 when Ion said no flying ever”

He said “prove that lost subs were due to flying”

You linked Wikipedia as a source for lost subs. there is no linked evidence that these lost subs were due to flying.

Re read my reply .

I have already quoted you your post where you mentioned flying.

Re read my reply with the wiki numbers and show me were i said flying only please else you are just here to stir up trouble .

Show me in THAT post were i said flying .

I’m not stirring up trouble - I’m just following a thread and pointing out a logical flaw.

I’ll be as succinct as I can.

Your post (post 367 in this thread) said “WoD lost 3.4 million subs in the first 1/4 when Ion said no flying ever”

You linked causation to a statistic.

In post 368 Abyzou asked you for proof of this causation (albeit slightly rudely).

You then posted some figures off Wikipedia showing stats…but no causation.

You then said you didn’t mention flying. But you did in post 367 which is the very basis of the arguement you had with Anyzou.

I myself cancelled my sub for short time when WoD was current, not because of the flying thing but simply because I didn’t think there was enough content.

I think Blizzard dropped the ball and got a bit sloppy with WoD, the no flying thing was a major factor for a lot of people, how Blizzard couldn’t see what the reaction would be is beyond me.

I just plain got bored, the expansion seemed to move on to doing dailies very fast, the exact same dailies, everyday, while waiting for the next part of the campaign to pop, I was literally logging on, on a Wed. doing that and then off to play something else and I’m sure there where others that felt the same way.

No flying was a big reason for the sub drop.

Lack of content was another big reason.

The reduction of any socializing (people staying holed up in their garrisons) was another factor.

Those and other lesser reasons all combined to give Blizzard a bit of a surprise with the drop in subs.

Not once in 369 did i mention flying we all know WoD had problems but back then it was well known it was due to content and flying .
Ion even made posts about it on old forums but i cant back this up as they were removed Nov 2019.

If you are trying to tell me WoD didnt lost any subs due to flying but lost 4.9 million players only due to content then im surpised and will gladly leave the forums.

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Also i think Ion is the worse thing to happen to WoW and they should design flying content like they did in TBC WoTLK and MoP and give us better value for money.

No that’s not what i said.

I have no idea why WoD lost loads of subs - I enjoyed it. I’d imagine the week long loss if gametime surrounding the garrison problems at the start (which is why it made it as far as BBC watchdog) didn’t help - but I have no data to prove this, only my own logical assumptions.

Thats the whole point of the post though. Your post 367 is the important post, that’s the claim. 369 is the evidence but it’s your (and many people’s) assumption; but not fact.

Anyway, have a nice day - we’re all here for the sage reason; to enjoy WoW, especially during this very weird times we’re going through.

Guys, please let it go. Walk away for a day. You’re just upsetting yourselves and each other.

This thread should be studied as a case of how nice people can get themselves into a tangle.


This is amazing to follow. It’s like a Carcrash slowly unfolding and turning into a 30 car pileup.

Someone supposes an idea that would serve as a compromise between the pro and con flight people, puts some actual thought into it and yet once again it devolves into namecalling, passive agressive conversations and the usual dug-in heels of the hardliners insulting each other over being wrong.

There is no Right or Wrong when it comes to personal preferences. Some like the freedom that flying gives them. Others prefer riding and meeting players that way. Neither of you is wrong.

Flying is in the game however, and it’s going to stay. Blizz tried to remove it and they failed. It’s not going anywhere. So hire a shrink, make an appointment with your rabbi, go to a grief counselor, whatever it takes to emotionally move past this reality. Then we can talk about some actual solutions and ideas as to how flying can be implemented in a way that feels organic and opens up the world instead of just being the fastest way to get from A to B. Icecrown and Stormpeaks did this perfectly yet Blizz has never revisited those design concepts and to me that’s the bigger problem


This is a bit off topic (but the whole topic is off topic by now anyways…), but the best way to get ppl to stop replying to you is to do exactly that yourself, stop replying. Just take a deep breath and walk away.


yeah, reading this feels like the divorce of my parents all over again. :worried:

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They were that bonkers? Their life was ruined over being able to fly too?


pretty much. were high as a kite.

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