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404 is nothing i can do about that its blizzard end about my profile.

With you’re post history i can see how you speak to others.
Sorry but this woman doesnt bow to bullies or take threats lightly so yes i can be just as aggressive as you .
What my char profile has any relevence to my posts i dont know unless you are one of those armoury shamers .

If you want to label being honest and telling it how I see it as being aggressive then go ahead.

You seem to enjoy playing the victim, seeing threats and insults where they don’t exist and making them up to make dramatic posts here on the forums for what ?

Attention ? You want people to feel sorry for you ? Or do you just enjoy being a drama queen ?

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Yes to drama queen and no dont need you or anyone to be sorry for me . I have a good life and good friends so you are barking up the wrong tree with assuming things.

Your trying to act innocent but i admit my flaws can you ? Or do you think your better than everyone and do no wrong ?

So please explain why you want to check out my char profile ?

If you are referring to the rip out of the throat comment it wasnt made up i even quoted it before it was deleted violence is not needed .

That would make you


since I deleted that post quite a while back?

All 4 chars have different achivement points and dates you can see from a mile away its 4 different accounts .

Then how could you quote it before it was deleted since I deleted it over a day ago?

So you deleted it before you made it ? Hmm ok .
And i think you owe the 3 other posters an apology and remove there names and profiles as it comes under naming and shaming im forum rules thus harrasement which is ban worthly.

I made the comment at 2pm, then went to my friends. when i got home, I deleted it, at half past eleven, just 9 hours later. that was just over 24 hours ago.

Still need to remove those profiles.
Are you going to remove those profiles or do i flag you ? And are you going to say sorry for accusing them wrongly ?

it is not against forum rules to quote somebody in the same thread.
are you really going to start threatening me again?

Because you went back and edited your post and removed there profiles as i requested . You still owe them an apology
You do understand blizzard can see your edits and so can everyone .
Those 3 other posters have been falsely accused by you of being me .

You did exactly the same to another poster earlier in the thread.
2 prove a point you have edited that post 2 times now .

not an accusation, it was a question.

are you seriously going to start harassing me again? Because I’m feeling a little harassed right now. I asked a simple question, that is all. I don’t deserve to be threatened just for asking a question.

That wasnt a question you accused me .

Yes you are harrasing me now and slandering me and i have flagged you im fed up with your mind games .
And im not threating you at all i have flagged you for abusive actions IE playing mind games and slander.

Asking questions is assuming things ? I ask questions because I want to know the answer and not rely on assuming anything.

I don’t. I wanted to look at your post history but was told that your profile was hidden

Well it is not and never has been i have nothing to hide.
So you can post how bad i am i guess ? I have been on the forums a long time people know me very well and my posting style i have served 18 bans . I am forward and blunt so pick fault all you can if it makes you happy .
Ive nothing to fear from men like you .
You know you can post what you want about me and ridicule me and mock my posts all you want and tell everyone how awful a person i am but heres the thing i dont care ive been dealing with bullies and people like you all my life .

be careful you might get flagged for breaking the rules, we are all in big trouble now.

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And you are now flame baiting and trolling .

I’m also forward and blunt, as I’ve already said, I’ll tell it as I see it.
I’ve not ridiculed or mocked anything you’ve posted, that’s you assuming and seeing some phantom hidden meanings. Take what I say at face value, if I meant to say anything else I would say it directly and not mask it.

I’ll ask questions because I want to know the answer, not because I think it might reveal something negative or demeaning about the person.

I don’t want you, or anyone else to fear me, I’d rather have a discussion as an equal with both sides being honest and blunt if needed.

I’ve not knowingly directly insulted anyone, I might say that they’re acting like an idiot/jerk/retard/whatever but that’s not saying they actually are one.

I’ve not told or going to tell anyone that you’re an awful person because I don’t think you are.

One fault I have that I do recognise is that my English sense of humour is frequently misunderstood by non English people and is sometimes taken as being insulting. There’s no malice intended, if we can’t laugh in the face of adversity then we’re all doomed IMO.

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Actually you did.

Just pointing it out to you.

In my reply to him i said nothing during my wiki post on subs about flying .
WoD lost 4.9milion players some to due to flying some due to lack of content and over 1 million asked for refunds so what is your point or you just here to stir rubbish up if so please dont its trolling for no reason .
So i repeat READ my wiki post and quote me were i said flying please ty .

Not once in that post did i say flying.