Looking for a fresh start? The Fresh Crusade launched on Dragonfang EU! 10,000 community members with over 25 guilds! Join now!

Hi Everyone!

The Fresh Crusade is a community project currently at 8600members which is launching on Friday 5th March. We currently have 19 guilds, people from all over the world and a great spirit ready to roll onto a low population PvP server and create a fresh experience. Where we will help build up the community leading us into TBC.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you want a fresh style experience. are looking to get back into the game or just reroll and find a community. This is an ambitious project, but we’re aiming for longevity and an experience that will be memorable for everyone taking part.

Message me on discord for an invite :slight_smile: Caszhar#6190

(https://www.reddit.com/r/classicwow/comments/lrj2v2/the_fresh_crusade_has_almost_hit_700_members_join/) -Another discord link in the comments


I’m on board !


Really excited. Can’t wait. Bring on the 5th!


You guys are already 1200 on discord? Damn it’s only been 3 days, this might actually be legit…


gotta say I’m really intrigued…I could play some fresh vanilla and at the same time farm gold and professions while waiting for tbc, and I wouldn’t have to buy a boosted account.


I’m so excited for this! Bring on March 5 :heart:


Looks promising always wanted to try the horde side. Guess this is the time! See you all on the 5th :smiley:


It’s projects such as this that help to revitalise otherwise ‘dead’ or ‘floundering’ servers.

I’m sure many of the 1200+ folk will drop away but even if you increase a server’s population by a third of that figure it can go a long way in regenerating a community. It will be interesting to see whether the guilds stay together throughout the experience - surely they are the lifeblood of any server.

All the best for the 5th.


Why aren’t you waiting until tbc and pretend it’s the fresh tbc server you’re all asking for?

Blizzard will see this and then not release fresh servers, because all they’ll see is that people will still sub and play anyways…

I would suppose so people can level a character, BUT what if someone wants to make a race/class combo that comes with the pre-patch as I would do?

By the time they start levelling then a lot will be raiding in Classic and left behind. We all know how difficult it is to break into an established raiding group.


Bumping the post

A fair few will be rerolling into either horde paladin or alliance shaman when the pre patch hits - still gives folks plenty of time to level up and hit current cap before the actual tbc launch. as raid groups will also be dropping down to 25man, loads of time to build up friendships in one of the many guilds that are going to be forming for the push from 60-70 :slight_smile:

We just got featured on eurogamer’s website The fresh crusade is gaining more popularity. Were close to hitting 1500players involved. Jump in the discord if your interested.



I would join you if it was pve. I just don’t have time for the slow game of pvp servers anymore.
But it also looks like the pve servers don’t really need a population boost.

Awesome project! See you all on 5th of march

We just hit 2400!

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I’m gonna hop on this train as well, gonna be nice if the server administration is handled well.

Can’t decide if gnome or tauren tho.

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Welcome aboard!

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