Looking for a group or a guild with nice people to roleplay with

The title says it all. If it’s a guild, it could be cross-faction as well.

Might be easier for guilds to figure out if you’d be a great fit if you explain your character to them.

Your character’s name, story and goals / path on which you want them to progress!

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Adding to what Felen has posted above: Many Guilds maximize on a Community feeling by creating and maintaining and atmosphere of likeminded people that are both a fit OOC and IC

So I think giving a little more insight to your RP preferences for your OC or what type of RP you’re looking for can help the search!

Also never forget there’s Argent Archives to browse as well and tends to be more lively and indepth than a WoW forum post can manage ^.^


Hey there! Hope your search is going well.

I’m one of the officers for the Vulture Company, a rag-tag mercenary outfit that takes a new job in a new place every month. We’re recruiting at the moment and accept a wide range of characters (all races, all classes, Alliance+Horde); so if you are interested in some adventure, let me know!

You can contact me here, in-game as Koshdrol, or in-game on my content main Koshdroll.

EDIT: Also, here is our guild thread!
The Vulture Company - Argent Dawn - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Hi! I recognise you from market night when Lapsigeth got a little silly with my guild’s shop closing announcement. Your replies to her yells were really funny!

My guild is actually recruiting more Vulperans! We are the Meridian Edict, we both host a shop night every other week, as well as weekly adventure campaign sessions. Our current campaign is delving into a civil war conflicted on an uncharted island, and navigating the political tensions to help them come to a happy conclusion.

We roleplay regularly, with most nights of the week usually having some of us hanging out and committing shenanigans! We’re a very socialable community both in and out of character.

You can find our forum post here, as well as a little diary of our roleplay in the comments if you wanted to see the kinds of things we got up to!

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Hi, I’ve been looking at your guild and have decided to join it, but since I’ve been in a bad state lately that might have to wait until later on in the weekend, maybe even next week since I don’t know how long it will take for me to recover.


Get well soon and there’s no rush! Feel free to contact either of us when you feel better! Your health is more important than anything else


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