[N-RP | Vulpera | Adventure] The Meridian Edict 🦊

Statement of Purpose - Introductory Short Story of the Guild

It is often said that the last time something truly exists is the last time someone remembers it. Time itself, however, moves forward with relentless momentum, steering the ebb and flow of culture & civilisation, of peace & conflict, of achievement & failure.

We, however, wish to remember the world & what was before – who persevered and who collapsed; who fought and who contemplated – details that we, ourselves, can complete the greater histories of the world with. To catalogue, understand, and study Azeroth, to learn what the lessons of the past might offer for our present & future, and to learn how to protect our collective home from any harm that might come its way, no matter its origin, and ultimately - to bring peace and harmony wherever we may tread.

As Vulpera, we have persevered for many generations in our homeland – our resourcefulness and cleverness, along with our curious & social nature, has assisted us in our acts of self-preservation. Now that our kind has adapted to & embraced the wide world of Azeroth, stretching past our homely dunes, we are able and capable – more than ever before – of weaving our own path of meaning, and of understanding what and who we can truly be.

Hope is the highest strength and blossoms from our unity - and it is through that we will show the world what the strength of teamwork, optimism, and enthusiasm can achieve.

This is the Meridian Edict – the ambition of the Vulpera and their newfound allies & friends from across the wide world, who wish to make a positive difference in their shared home they call Azeroth, both alongside their kin and the world’s many denizens – and not dissimilarly to the spirit of a Caravan – to travel together, to help each other as family, and to decipher the mysteries & cultures that have been swept under the vagaries of time. From whichever corner of the world you are, all are welcome, whether fellow kin or other like-minded curious fellows!

Together, we can foster peace, harmony, and a haven for all curious minds who yearn for the opportunity to travel, research, and help those in need, be it through skill of combat, crafting, healing, or research.

Warm sands, greetings, and hello to all reading this post!

I am the founder of the Meridian Edict, a dear project of mine about which I am here to talk with you! Along with being a RP guild with heavy roots in Voldunai philosophy - so basically a Vulpera guild which is willing to take others in - it is also our major goal to forge a community and a true safe space for everyone who shares a liking for our theme and energy, wishes to join us in adventures and trades across Azeroth, and is also looking for a sincerely welcoming and positive place! So, let’s get into details…

So, what is the Meridian Edict?

We are a Vulperan academic research & exploration guild, our principal goal being to document, understand, and catalogue the vast and manifold mysteries and cultures of the world. The guild, though not a Caravan per se & more of an extension of the idea, nevertheless embodies and promotes their values and principles - kinship, harmony, mutual support, resourcefulness, and good times! We are accepting of all races and are faction-neutral - we are believers of peace and universal cooperation; in order for meaningful progress to be made, we must work not as part of our factions that have historically bound us, but with authenticity to our values and principles

In effect, I am hoping to create a guild for well-curated and qualitative Vulpera roleplay which is also suitable for non-Vulpera, if they decide they like us! - what we value most is how one thinks of the world around them!

Much as the meridian line traverses the globe from north to south, so do we wish to traverse Azeroth across its entire span - region by region, island by island, continent by continent - we wish to preserve culture, protect and assist those in need, and contribute to making the world a better place with each step we take in it.

Our goal, IC and OOC, is to form a truly inclusive, long-term community that rekindles and promotes qualitative roleplay, with an IC theme of a well-knit, united group overcoming seemingly-overwhelming odds in their journeys; we wish to create a welcoming, friendly, cosy, and fun space, one in which everyone is included and in which everyone gets to have a say in our direction - for it is together with you that we can achieve the vision that we have! The guild is mainly and predominantly focused on RP, though it is also in my sincere interest to create a vibrant and lively space in the true spirit of a community, as opposed to a hierarchy or to a system where the members are expected to follow the instructions of the officers at all times. I want to encourage for things such as our guild campaigns to be worked on by everyone, where the contents and the events are tailored for each person and where each person’s thoughts, actions, and opinions, are counted in when it comes to steering the outcome and direction thereof!

Our principal themes when it comes to RP are themes of exploration, philosophy, artefact research & preservation, diplomacy, and intrigue.

In less formal terms, we aspire to be a place where the vibe is all about friends who hang out and get up to fun things - and most definitely not a place where it feels like one simply follows instructions from officers & is part of a rigid system.

In summary…

The Meridian Edict is a Vulpera guild that is oriented around exploration and cultural research & the safekeeping and preservation of relics and endangered cultures alike. We are also accepting of anyone who shares in our ideals.
We are striving to be more than a guild - namely, to be a community of friends and to adhere to a spirit of harmony and cosiness as opposed to that of authority and hierarchy.

Now! A few other important details…

We are also branched out in trading, and our mercantile branch is called :sunny: The Solstice Bazaar :sunny:.

The Solstice Bazaar is a weekly activity we have, where we travel throughout various key hubs to sell artisanal goods, chat with people, and even provide medical or academic assistance where we can! We travel to Dalaran for the market night, twice a month; in the beginning of the month, we are in Booty Bay for the market night, and the fourth Bazaar night is often a bit of a wildcard, to season things up a little!

As of currently, our members can specialise into either Pathfinders and/or Artisans, depending on each character’s goals! As Pathfinders, the characters are signed up for the main adventures we would go on – for now, this includes any speciality pertaining to adventure, including scholarly and combat-oriented; as Artisans, the characters are registered with the Solstice Bazaar (and, of course, with the Edict!), as either or both crafters and vendors of the goods we or they make. We will happily feature Artisans on our shop page if they have wares of their own!

Also, note that a character can be both an Artisan and a Pathfinder, that is totally fine!

If you got this far in reading, thank you for taking the time to do so! I will now post a FAQ that will hopefully serve to answer any additional questions you might have! And if you happen to have more questions, please do reach out to us!

FAQ Time!

What level of experience do I need?

Any level of experience is okay! We are ourselves experienced roleplayers and our guild is friendly to beginners & we’ll make sure to help you out if you’re just starting out with RP. The right attitude, to us, matters far more than the level of expertise with RP.

Are there any exceptions for accepted races?

The only exceptions are particularly powerful & exotic non-playable races (such as Dragons (but not Dracthyr, they are also accepted, of course!), Liches, Elementals, and so on). Even though we have strong Vulpera themes, we accept any races willing to work with us on our shared goals.

What about classes such as Demon Hunters or Death Knights? Can they join?

Yes, but it might be a little trickier. What matters a lot to us is -how- a character uses their power. If they use it to alleviate suffering, to do good in the world or in otherwise-positive & constructive ways, then there may be a place for them, too. The only exception would be particularly powerful characters, due to balancing reasons. Unfortunately, however, the very design of these classes as per lore could make it more challenging for them to join the Edict (for instance, Death Knights having a constant need to inflict suffering around them). But, nuance is important, and we will consider everyone fairly at all times.

What do you NOT accept?

We do not accept particularly powerful & exotic characters, evil-aligned characters, sexualised/ERP-driven characters, characters who are ICly homophobic, racist, or particularly hateful or discriminatory towards other races for any reason.

We also do not and will never accept anyone who OOCly subscribes to hateful ideas and beliefs. The guild has many members of the LGBTQ+ community for example - amongst other subcultures - and therefore we can never accept those who subscribe to harmful or counterproductive beliefs. People who, for example, make fun of pronouns (by having joke pronouns or insulting pronoun preference in general), or play racist, misogynist, or homophobic characters, will never be tolerated in our community.

From a character design perspective, we -do- allow creative liberties, so a degree of lore-bending (to mean, something which may be, for example, a more creative/unique design that can nonetheless be explained with the existing lore) is generally acceptable, but lore-breaking is definitely not.

Can loyalists to the factions join the guild?

Unfortunately, no, as we are a neutral guild and we therefore cannot accept members who are staunch supporters of either the Alliance or the Horde.

How is activity planned?

We generally have two events per week, along with any other social RP that might happen in between (and also seasonal activities)! The two events we will always have listed are: One adventure/plot event on (most of the time) Saturdays, one Solstice Bazaar event (which are always two Tuesdays and a Wednesday, with a wildcard for the fourth event). We also allow other members to host activity & events, just message us first and we can plan from there!

What kinds of themes can I expect?

Our themes essentially revolve around mystery, intrigue, research, and of course, exploration! We will travel a lot through Azeroth’s corners, be it to retrieve a lost artefact from the hands of malicious users, document a small uncharted island, or establish a new connection with some locals! Anything goes, in the spirit of a travelling group of adventurers, and the nature of a plot or campaign will ideally be decided likewise through feedback from our members about their preferences and wishes.

Ultimately, a major goal of this is also to facilitate interpersonal & individual character development – as would naturally happen in a team!

Does the guild have an IC headquarters?

We do! We use a small settlement in Val’sharah, ICly called Elanaar, as our more permanent quarters to serve as a meeting & resting point in between expeditions.

Do you have any specific time investment requirements?

We do not, everyone has lives and things to attend to, after all! What I ask, however, is that if you do decide to join the guild, it is because you do wish to try be part of the community with us!

What system are you using for things like combat and so on?

We are currently using a mainly-freestyle combat system, as we want to reward creative freedom when it comes to the actions players take during events. We do feature a dice-rolling system which is used for things such as perception checks, skill checks or (mis)fortune rolls, where applicable. The roll system is also sometimes used for other miscellaneous purposes.

We also make very extensive use of the TRP3:Extended system, and it is generally required that you have it installed alongside TRP3.

Our Rules of Conduct

We wish to be a safe, friendly, and welcoming haven for everyone who joins, and thus we ask only for common sense and congruence with our vision and theme from our members.

We do not and will never tolerate racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism, or any other forms of discrimination on the basis of our nature. This means that we will never accept anyone in the guild who, for example, does things such as being insulting or degrading towards the LGBTQ+ community, towards minorities, subcultures, and generally being a hateful person. Most of the members of the Edict OOCly are themselves part of these communities, myself included, and therefore this is exclusively not tolerable.

We also will not tolerate OOC drama & we expect everyone to be mature and common-sensed whenever disagreements occur, and ultimately for all of us to work together towards our goals, IC and OOC. IC drama is perfectly fine, of course, so long as OOC and IC are kept separate and everyone is OOCly having fun!

If you are interested…

…then feel free to contact us for recruitment or any other questions, or ask us directly here on the thread, and we will respond as soon as we can!

We can be contacted on:

BattleNet: GM - Ken#23262, Officers - Kariota#2481, LuckyGriffin#2932

Discord: GM - kennec_, Officers - kariota, luckygriffin

Directly in-game at: (Horde) Raphai, Korrei, Fenji, Voirang, Isthareth, Dharrach, Ksar, Vilinyar; (Alliance) Daerron, Takado, Rhaethas, Goldfrost, Upyr.

Our Solstice Bazaar website can be found here! https://sites.google.com/view/solsticebazaar/home

Our Solstice Bazaar forum post can be found here!

Our IC advertisement, which can be found on noticeboards in major cities and hubs can be found here! Feel free to have your character come into possession of it.

Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you around Azeroth!


Art by @LuckyGriffin


this is a certified cool guild!


I highly recommend the Meridian Edict, joining was one of the best decisions I ever made and not only is my roleplay with them a blast but the sense of community is truly amazing! It has a very active discord, and a community that supports eachother both ooc and ic. Not too long ago they banded together to help me do mog runs for a specific chest piece I wanted, and eventually got me it! The roleplay events are very well written with thought through campaigns, that are tailored to the members decisions too.

Truly, some of the nicest folk on Argent Dawn.


This week has been quite eventful for the Meridian Edict!

On Wednesday, the Solstice Bazaar was in Booty Bay for the monthly Market at the Bay! With an unusual case of junk-mail, new faces in the guild, and our wonderful friends across the server saying hello, we have had quite a busy night

Meanwhile yesterday the Edict’s Pathfinders continued their campaign into the mysterious island of Erantex. There we faced off with a mysterious, and sassy, fire spirit…


The Edict had a wonderful time at Darkmoon Faire the other night! We played lots of games, got launched out of canons, had our fortunes read dubiously, shared some cake, and… used crabs to perform osteomancy?

Then, this evening we were at the Dalaran Market opened as the the Solstice Bazaar! It was an incredibly eventful night, with lots of wonderful customers! Long after the shop itself had closed, a few members of the Edict went on a secret mission to create some cheese to appease a lost bet. What could go wrong?


On Saturday the Edict’s Pathfinders returned to Erantex to rendezvous with their contact there and discuss their journey ahead… but not without some schemes and a great bread heist beforehand. The local spirits will surely be entertained by the shennanigans that transpired, but it is anyones guess how beneficial that will be…



On Monday a few members of the Edict gathered in Orgrimmar to socialise, and were joined by other wonderful people! Thank you all those who popped by us to say hello, and to those who sat and chattered with us! It was great meeting other members of the community and to be able to dicuss things like alchemy and astrology!

Then, on Tuesday, a few of us decided to enjoy our day off from the Solstice Bazaar in Dalaran. However, our evening of buying pelts quickly got out of hand! With a grand masterplan to… trap a “rabid” Vulperan druid in a box?!



The Edict began their hunt for a revolutionary in hiding, with time against them they had to find him before their enemies got to him first.

After a fierce battle with a flying lion made of basalt and fire, they finally met the revolutionary they have spent months seeking… as well as an unusual orc.



The last two weeks have been eventful ones for the Edict, with many acts of mischief and fun taking place.

While two members mysteriously went missing, one after another, they returned home safe and sound in one piece… that is, not without being burnt for it. The island they have spent the last few months supporting has entered a state of chaos following news of a vulpera, a void elf, an orc, and a… zebra? Running away from a master swordsman? They have unexpectedly needed to move camp, as well as think on their feet for good enough explanations to the revolutionaries who are now having to clean up their mess.

However, that neglects to mention what happened at the Arboretum - the Edicts head quarters and lodging - during the errant members holiday. With two little pets, a fox kit and a cat, quickly causing incredible amounts of mischief. Coffee… cheese… there were so many casualties. We surely have learned to make sure pets are being fed when their owner mysteriously vanishes for prolonged periods.

On another day, a small collection of the Meridian Edict visited the capital city of the Alliance, Stormwind. Some curious letters were recieved, as well as repercussions for handing faulty jars of “Void” - which was definitely not hair dye and plants mixed together - to the local post dracthyr. Despite that, many new and interesting friends were made. We can surely expect more visits to Stormwind in the future.

They spent some more time in the island, talking with an old and unusual orc, donning a white worgs pelt. …This catchup being intermittently interrupted with a dreadfully sassy spirit chiming in on occasion.

And recently, small rumblings from the Dalaran library spread slowly, of an unusual book throwing incident that -for some reason- involved cheese water and alcohol. The Edict’s Luminary, Raphai, has assured the Kirin Tor that those involved WILL be spoken to quite sternly about appropriate conduct in public places, and that it will not be happening again in any capactiy.


As for the orc mentioned before a few times… He is certainly not somebody without a long and complicated history - which may or may not be a reason which brought him at the island… A glimpse of it you can learn through a story here (https://www.argentarchives.org/node/270378) - and only time will tell if the wheel was truly broken…


Tomorrow you will be able to find us at the Fireside Gathering at 8 bells!

Are you interested in seeing your future? Estelliana Starmist, known as Stella to most, will be providing free tarot readings for those interested! Or perchance you are simply interested in socialising and maybe play some games? Come sit with us! There will always be a seat for you.


Where is this happening?


Hello! Do you mean Fireside Gathering? That’s in Orgrimmar at the Valley of Wisdom


Ahh ok, thank you.


The Meridian Edict will be at the weekly Horde Gathering later today at 8 o'clock! The Gathering will take place in Bloodhoof Village, Mulgore.

We won’t be tending or running anything unique, but we will be having a social get together and everyone is welcome! Please feel free to come join us, the more the merrier.

Last night, we had a wonderful evening at the Fireside Gathering with lots of new and lots of familiar faces. Estelliana Starmist provided several tarot readings, each promising bright and wonderful futures to others, and the local delivery dracthyr, Lapsigeth, delivered some more interesting “letters” she found in the trash.

The night took a suprising turn when the Edict confronted an, alleged, perpetrator of the great Dalaran Library Incident. With bribery, demands of lawyers, and plea deals… and for some reason, the creation of sentient cheese?

And, with that creation of sentient cheese, we gained a new pet around the Arboretum: Orgrimmar Bench. Though, their friends call them Soggy Obby.