Looking for a guild and realm

Sorry if this is wrong place I posted in recruitment page earlier but it seems to be for raiding
Hi all I have played classic wow and got myself up to about level 30 not really found any people to fully stick with as I dont get all that much time to play and missed the beginning of classic so I am looking for a new realm and guild to join
I will more than likely be playing a rogue or hunter
I am open to playing horde or alliance but prefer to go alliance for night elf but I’m easy as I like trolls too
I am still getting used to classic as I haven’t played that much and don’t get a great deal to play
I am more looking for some friendly people who I can chat with and meet up with in game and have some.fun playing wow together

If I personally was at square one for picking server the things I would do would be:

1:Look up population statistics; everyone has a preference, sometimes what you actually enjoy isn’t what you think you would though
2:When I find appropriate servers, I would find the discord for it.
3: I would start asking there. People have a bit of freedom to be themselves on discord so its easier to distance yourself from people you dislike(or argue with them I suppose)

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I’m playing as Alliance on Earthshaker and it’s pretty good. Very nice community

I don’t mind all that much If the population Is massive or small aslong as the people I come across and nice and friendly
And I’ve never used discord what is it?
I also don’t mind pve or PvP realms

I’m on Hydraxian Waterlords and find it to be a friendly polite community. The alliance side is busy although the horde is rather quite. While it is an RP guild there are many players who don’t RP and the normal attitude is if you come across a group RP just leave them to it and all will be fine, very much a live and let live attitude. I can’t give any idea on what the PvP side is like as it is just an RP server not a PvP server so wPvP isn’t automatically on, I prefer not getting ganked all the time myself.

I’m also in a guild called The Conspiracy which is a large social guild, with a raiding side for those interested. If you feel like you might be interested then create a character and type ‘/who The Conspiracy’ and it should list all members online, whisper one and they will try and sort it out with someone who can send an invite to you.

Thank you zokolo I will have a look next time I get online I’m not a big rp player but will check it out

A lot of people don’t RP so that isn’t a problem, about the only thing people generally ask is you have an RP style name, not one like ‘Ikillorks’ or ones of that style. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty like that around but they do tend to get reported as inappropriate more than on normal servers.

That’s good to know then I’ll definitely check it out when I can

‘Amity’ guild on Bloodfang Alliance is a new and active guild aimed at re-rollers so has plenty of lower level players and lots of dungeon runs etc. I’m not an officer or GM so my opinion is that of a standard member.

Really nice friendly guild atmosphere with good numbers and able to get into raiding. https: / /discord.gg/Q69psd (expires in a day)

Old thread, delete me also

People will not tell you to come to a server they are happy on fearing long queue times.

Stats don’t tell half the story.

Pyrewood Village is a PvE server extremely active alliance side all level brackets.

Avoid PvP servers as they are mostly toxic or guilds already farming BWL.

You could join us on judgement in ‘the leveling guild’ nice bunch of people, low pop server but enough going on, groups are usually found within the guild as we have plenty of players accross all levels. We also raid ZG and are setting plans to start MC/ONY. ( The bigger raids we currently raid with another guild )

how are pvp servers toxic? seeing as the opposite faction doesnt always world pvp unlike in blackrock mountain I dont see anything toxic there. and same faction has players just like on every other servers who can be rude

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