Looking for a guild

Hello there!

Recently I have found my way back to WoW and played around in Classic.
I stopped playing retail just after the Battle of Dazar’alor was released because I got no joy out of LFR and I was not in the position to join a guild and sign up for raids due to IRL things.

Lately I got more time and I would like to get back into raiding.
Just that I would have to find a guild that raids on the days I got that time.

I am hoping to find a guild that raids on Wednesdays and Sundays, and sometimes Fridays or Saturdays starting somewhere between 19:45 - 20:00 pm server time.

Got some 120’s floating around on different servers, mostly Horde.
Altough I would not mind leveling and getting back into the flow of a class.
I do not mind any side, Alliance or Horde, I like them both.

I got some experience, although not much of recent expansions. I raided through TBC / Wotlk / Cata and a bit MoP.
Mostly tanking, but at some points also dps and a small bit of healing.
I am always willing to learn something new and do my very best at whatever role I am assigned.

Sooo do you have a spot for a returning player?
A friendly guy willing to learn where needed, dedicated and helpfull to others!
Let me know!

Thank you!

Cohors Vuluae is a newly formed guild of mythic raiders looking to experience the most challenging aspects of wow. We aim to create a fair and motivating environment for progress.

We have recently moved from Alliance on outlands to Horde on Draenor, Currently we are looking to recruit dps and a tank to join our ranks and our raid team to start mythic EP, as well as preparing for Ny’alotha

We expect all members that join to be able to use voice chat and have some understanding of their role/class, but we are always happy to help people that are in need.

We run EP heroic on Thurs/Sat between 7pm-9pm
EP Normal 7pm-9pm actively running m+ while we’re gearing up for 8.3

So if you want to join a guild of chill Vuluae’s, have a sense of humour & aged 20+ drop a message in game or on discord.

pogodamonkey#2210 [battle.net]
pogodamonkey#8073 [discord]

Replying on your message because I like the way you describe yourself and perhaps you might be a fine addition to our group! I recently made this topic: [H]'Newbie' group of friends LFM for M+ - And perhaps you find yourself in the things we describe. Although we aren’t raiding (atm/yet) we are doing M+ and perhaps you are interested in joining us :slight_smile: Have a read and if interested contact me (see the topic for my contact info :slight_smile: )

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Just wanted to say you sound as though you really and absolutely deserve to find a fantastic and great home. Just the last few sentences of your post. Our raid times unfortunately do not fit you (Mon and Wed) but I sincerely wish you all the very best finding a forever home :slight_smile:

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Hey there o/

Welcome back to retail!

Shadow an Alliance guild on Argent Dawn is looking for 4 more DPS to complete our Mythic Team for the final raid tier. We raid two days a week 20:00 - 23:00 server on Wednesday and Sunday. We need players who are committed to the marathon of raiding and want to achieve cutting edge for the first time as a team.

Our best raid tier was Uldir 7/8M with some pulls on G’huun. We are now re-forming the team for the final raid tier and givining a push for CE. Our raids are organised but friendly.

We also run adhoc M+ runs where some people will just run the weekly keys and others push around 2k rating on Rader IO. Overall our community is full of players who have other commitments outside of wow, so we generally focus on ensuring our characters are prepared for the x2 raid days we run.

If you are interested in knowing more then add one or all of the following for a chat

Bnet Contacts: Alec#2922 Dandy#21746 NevNev#2669
Discord Contacts: Alec#4717 Jack/Schull#1234 Nev#3724

You can also fill out a short application apply dot wowaudit dot com/eu/argent-dawn/shadow