Looking for a new alliance guild

Hey guys, I’m looking for a proper alliance guild, preferbly on a High/full server.
I’ve been playing horde the past 3 years, however I miss the good old feeling being an alliance, running around in beautiful stormwind.
I prefer a PvE guild with PVP assets, but I’m looking to join a raid team. I will use a 120 boost on the new server.

I prefer to play DK / warrior / rogue / monk, as my main, with a Warlock secondary main. Been playing since 06.

Of raid times, I am available untill 22:00 ST, as I’m working nightshifts from 23.
I prefer a good server with a decent 1:1.

Leave your Discord tag below, and lets have a chat :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile: Im one of the council members from a guild called Revolution (we are an EU alliance guild on the quel’thalas/ azjol-nerub servers) & we’re looking for members to expand our guild raiding team so that after we clear Ny’alotha Heroic we can then progress onto Mythic!

Our raid days/ times:

Friday/ Saturday 8:45pm - Midnight (gametime)
Wednesdays - 7:45pm onwards (gametime)

I have posted our guild advertisement here - Lf mythic raiders for 8.3 alliance

Feel free to message me if you would like more information/ would like to join us :slight_smile:

My battlenet: Mortemxdraco#2845
My discord: Ilneth the Kobold#2684

Hey, Dungeons and Flagons are looking for recruits. We play on Silvermoon realm which has quite a high population. If you’re interested here is a link of our guild.


Hello, we are recruiting as a community which wouldn’t require you to change server/realm. For more details, please check