Looking For beginner RP friendly guild

Hello everyone,

I’m interested in joining the world of RP here and as a beginner I find it a bit tricky and I feel wonky in getting started. I have read some guides, watched videos on ‘how to…’ and I really want to give this a go to test it out.

I have roleplayed with friends before, but never really with other people in WoW, so I am very much a beginner.

Are there any beginner friendly RP guilds out there that I could maybe join?

(I’m sorry if this topic/question has been asked before.)


I know a few guilds that are welcome to newcomers. Some are more expected that you have some experience.

But the first question is ‘what are you roleplaying as’? Because that can influence what type of guild will take you in.
So what race and class are you interested in starting your journey as?


Nice :smiley: Yeah I thought so too, but that is also why I made this post. To find out if there are any guilds that accepts beginners ^^

Oh I completely forgot to put that into my post haha, sorry… But I would like to do a Blood Elf hunter :slight_smile:

My guild does accept newcomers, because we have a whole roleplay system that caters to new players as they learn to play death knights. We raise you as initiates, train you in-character, and answer any questions you may have as you progress.

However, death knight roleplay isn’t for all of course. I am not sure on blood elf guilds at the moment. I heard something went down but that’s hearsay and unconfirmed on my end.

I can recommend the Ashen Council and the Reliquary Institute

If you want to give us a go, you can always check out the Veilbound Vigil.

But I do hope you find a group that will happily take you in regardless. Maybe we’ll see you in the world.


Pretty much all RP guilds I´ve been in or interacted with closely accept new RPers. It all however depends on what race/class you´d like to RP, what type of RP you´d like to take part in (more casual, or focused on events, adventurers or military and so on).

Now for the part where I shill my own guild: Azure Dawn has lots of cool RPers (the coolest being me, naturally) and fun events, so if you´d be interested in RPing a high or void elf, you can give us a look.


I have not met an rp guild yet that isnt happy about new rpers and showing you around, so dont worry too much about that part. This isn’t like when you do content and need to know what to do and also

this is already so much more than others do, so even though it is scary (interacting with people always is) dont worry. We are all here to have fun (even if the forums sometimes look much different from that…^^)


I’ll at least mention that I’ve seen Hand of Conquest, personally, act very welcoming towards newer RPers in the past and help them learn the ropes. Always good to see!


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