Looking for new alliance guild

Hi all
As my topic says I’m looking for a new alliance guild. I really like the guild I’m in however due to real life circumstances I’m unable to make a raid night of a Thursday so for 8.3 onwards will need to potentially find a new home.

Currently unable to attend on a Thursday night I’m looking for a guild that achieves curve but are relaxed in the approach

In 8.3 I mained havoc demon Hunter currently 440 ilvl but also have many geared alts.

I’m currently bon Argent Dawn alliance would potentially be willing to server change but will need to stay as alliance would be good to maybe join a couple of trial events see if we’re a good fit.

Dawsonadam#2308 if you want to chat more


We’ve got something rather good cooking on in here, if you’re interested:

I’ll make sure to add you when I can to chat a bit.

Guild contacts are also listed in the post.

  • Cronos (EDM/TMCB)