Looking for new home

I’ll keep this nice and short.

Who am I?

  • I go by the nickname Pugwash Child hood)
  • I’m 34 years old.
  • I’m currently working in electrical wholsale
  • I live in the UK


  • Played Vanilla- tbc
  • Raided seriously tbc
  • Skipped Cata & Pandaria.
  • Came back in WOD and started raiding seriously in HFC.
  • Have tanked and dpsed.

So with that out of the way.
I am looking for a heroic raiding guild that raids 2-3 times a week.
I am always up for banter and chats on disc and I can take a punch and throw one back.
I am flexible regarding spec on any toon I play.
I don’t mind switching to horde on a more well-populated realm.
I am very familiar with boss guides etc and if I do something wrong I am always open to advice on how to improve. im yet to play this expac

My goals are to have a laid back chilled guild where can have a laugh and chat not take things to seriously im mainly online from 20.15 st to 00.00 am starts

Doscord :Forbin#5076

Hey Pugwash!

I thought i would leave a note for you here as we have a guild that might be right for you.
Our guild is a laid back and chilled Normal and Heroic raid guild. We are mainly UK based but have members old and young (18-50) from across Europe.
We raid twice a week, Wed and Sat from 20.30 -23.30 server time.
We are looking for more players to join our relatively small raid team for fun and relaxation after a hard days work. We are 10/10 on normal and 2/10 Heroic at the moment and taking progression slowly.
We also do Mythic+ a fair bit and have a fun PVP night as well.
I think we might be a good fit for you!

If this looks good to you add me on Battlenet and we can have a chat! Paxo#2780.
If this isnt for you, Good luck in your search!

Hey man, feel free to take a look at our recruitment topic, as it looks like you would be a nice addition to our very social guild.

Hi Mate,

Hope your good, pugwash sounds like someone that i used to play with a long time ago, same age as well. Be crazy if it was you haha.

Anyways, check out our post and do let me know if youre interested.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Hiya, I thought I would throw my hat into the ring too. We are a long running raiding guild (Alliance) on Silvermoon. We have been raiding and going strong since Jan 2007 and we have 2x raiding teams (a N/HC team and a Mythic team) so there is plenty of choice but the most important thing for us is the people we play with rather than the progression. Anyway if you fancy a chat Asta#2730

Hello, maybe you will like this…

Hey man! hopefully you might find our guild to your interest

*We are now 5/10H

Not 2-3 raid days but one, but we do get stuff done in an efficient manner. :slight_smile: If you’re interested, feel free to check out your discord. Sent you a friend request on disc too!