Looking for sociable, team-oriented guild

Hey everyone,

I’m a new player looking to join a friendly active guild. I’m happy to join any server as my character is low level and I wouldn’t be leaving a great deal behind. Similarly I’m happy to play Horde or Alliance.

For me, games like this are best enjoyed with other people. I love meeting up in game to run missions or mess around, run dungeons or raids. I’ve even been known to try my hand at PVP.

Any guild looking for someone who is active, willing to lend a hand, who likes to get involved and help out should get in touch. Levels, and gear etc will come with time and I’m not necessarily in a rush to the top. My main priority is finding a fun crowd to hang out with who share similar values to me.

If I sound like a good fit for your guild, or if you’ve any questions, please drop a reply here. Thanks.

Please add me.


Hey there, I’m the GM of Red Panda, a newly formed guild on Silvermoon. We’re a friendly welcoming guild who welcomes any kind of player! We’re also the sister guild of a Horde guild called Dark Puma!
Here is our guild post and I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you and good luck!

Imaginaerum: “A place you go to to heal your imagination.” A serene and tranquil place to calm the mind and soul. Not to be afraid to take a wrong turn and enjoy the scenery and the journey.

Even a noble warrior as myself cannot go on this journey alone! Even though I believe I can slay all the kings in this world, another noble warrior will always be good company. Together we will slay all the dragons in the world and will we endeavour our journey together! Two are stronger than one!
Come join me on my aid to help my faction! Help me with helping those in need and together we can conquer everything!

Imaginaerum is a newly formed guild looking for people to get stronger!
Our vision is to help create a safe and serene community to everyone who plays World of Warcraft. We want a community that helps others when they get stuck.
For now, we are a social guild who look to push m+ keys on every level with the occasional Glory, mount run or whatever it is you need done!
Fighting the toxic community is something we will try and lessen, so that’s why Imaginaerum was created.

The guild is housed on Dreanor and will accept every noble warrior who dares enter the world of World of Warcraft!

Lok’tar Ogar!

Greetings Kelair and welcome to WoW,

it sounds as if our guild could be what you are looking for. We’re a helpull, friendly group of players, with members new to the game but also returnees and veterans. Everyone is motivated to help each other as good as they can. :slight_smile:
You can find players to level up with, have fun with us exploring Azeroth, or just hang out ingame and discord for a chat, some mischief and a bunch of laughter. The face behind the characters is always most important. :slight_smile:

You can check out further information and ways to contact us here:

Hoping to hear from you on discord or in Azeroth :wink:

Hi Kelair

The chancers is a friendly guild always welcomes new players. We are on Emerald Dream/Terenas – Horde, have a good set of people who raid every week for around 6 years now and have a good laugh on vent.

Want to know more please message me Chris#23179

If you havent found a guild that suited you yet i am happy to introduce to you “Legacy of the Fallen” a social guild on emerald dream/ terenas (alliance) we in legacy of the fallen are the proud people who dont give anything about getting to the top or reaching that mythic 8/8 raids. No we of legacy of the fallen like to have a good time with eachother, which should be what the game is about. We like to mess around do goofy stuff and just have a laugh. This includes transmog runs, lvling new alts with a party, dungeons up to mythic + but sometimes just for the fun of it normals. I think we might be the thing you are looking for. If ur interested add me on battlenet Ragnor#21272 or discord >Hades#4124

Hey Kelair

Anyone can join our Guild we do not have any level or game knowledge requirements all we expect is just activity we do alot of stuff that you just look

if this sounds good for you feel free to contact me :wink:

Hey Kelair, you sound like the perfect social member and I am sure you would be very welcome with us here in Fury (Alliance) on Silvermoon if you wanted. We have been a guild since 2007 here and a lot of us are friends as well as guildies because of the long term status of the guild so do check us out if you would be interested. Social members are like gold dust everywhere so I am sure you will be welcome anywhere but we’d like you :slight_smile:

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