[H][Ravenholdt] <Rekindled>, a WoW based community. Our door is always open

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Who are Rekindled?

We want to bring together like-minded people who enjoy having a laugh with friends and family. We have become a haven for returning and new players alike, but are recruiting anyone (and anything) that would call us a home.

What is Rekindled?

Rekindled is a home away from home, the warm and cosy tavern on a cold and dreary night. We are a community for players who want to renew or revive their WoW journey, or explore new options.

First and foremost, we are a community of players who enjoy playing together. We help each other, take part in social events, and enjoy having a chat and appreciating banter. For us, community comes first, the game comes second.

Our Aim
As a new community, our focus right now is leveling and playing together.

All members are encouraged to help build teams and events around their interests (eg PvE, PvP, RP). It doesn’t matter what we do - we just want to have fun doing it together.

How to reach us
If you’re interested, or would like more information, please do the following:
Visit us on discord: discord.gg/V3swNXC

Add one of us for a chat:

  • Torai (Mistree#2555)
  • Kelris (Kelris#21915)

We are based on the old RP-PVP cluster: Scarshield Legion / Ravenholdt / The Venture Co / Sporeggar / Defias Brotherhood

We hope to see you around Azeroth…and the Shadowlands!


I am very happy that I found you guys :slight_smile:

Having a guild with friendly people, sharing the same ideas in how a guild should be adds a lot of fun and motivation back into WoW I was missing for a long time.

Looking forward to be part of the community for many days to come and explore the new addon together with all of you. :heart:

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I’m new to the game, and moved from another server to join. Lovely people and very newb friendly guild <3

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Joined in on day one of the guild and it’s been awesome ever since.

Many new people but also a lot of veterans that are like minded and wanted a social community rather than just a guild that is only here for good loot.

Rerolling onto the cluster was the best WoW decision in years for me.

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We’re still active and recruiting, so don’t hesitate to join our family :slight_smile:

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I would love to join!

Glad to have you with us Trothar!

As our members start to hit 120, we have begun M+ groups, and there are even rumours of raiding.

We still have plenty of levellers though!

Great bunch of people to be around, recently joined myself as I wanted a place to relax and enjoy the game again. Very calm atmosphere without pressure to join groups, all completely optional. Think they are also getting close to forming a social raid team if that’s something that may interest you.

If you simply want to avoid or escape a weekly schedule and actually log into a calm conversation then this may be the home for you.

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I absolutely agree with the comments above. I joined recently and this is a friendly, active, sociable group of fantastic people! Absolutely recommend!

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I can’t recommend enough this group. If you look for a friendly no pressure place to hang around and do whatever content you wish, talk about wow and more, it’s the best place to be. :slight_smile:

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I re-rolled on Sporregar server to join this group a couple of weeks ago as a new player. I’ve been playing MMORPGs for well over a decade and have been in a great many guilds throughout that time.

I know what I like and value in a good guild:

  • Friendly and approachable members you can have a laugh with.
  • People who are willing to help you, whether levelling or at max level.
  • Mature attitudes and no dramas.

It’s quite simple really and I don’t mind whether the guild is big or small as long as it meets my gaming philosophy, which is that this type of game is better enjoyed with good company. I’m of a mindset that it doesn’t matter if you’re new or experienced, as long as you have the right attitude towards the game and fellow players. You can teach people to be better players but you can’t make them have a better attitude.

This guild is everything I could hope for and more. My experience with them has been positive on every level.

With my fellow guild members I have enjoyed:

  • Getting help with tough quests
  • Getting tips from experienced members and learning more about the game, how to progress etc.
  • Dungeon runs
  • Mythic runs
  • PVP - Korraks Revenge etc.
  • Planned events
  • Having a laugh and enjoying the company on the chat channel


This guild is perfect for players of any experience level, especially if you enjoy the social aspects of the game. There are many players willing to help when asked, and plenty to join in with. There’s never any pressure though, you can get involved as much as you wish.

We are still looking for players to to get a fun raiding team together… Our aim is to progress through normal and then move on to heroic but more importantly is that we have fun while doing so!

We are still gearing up and preparing and all are welcome to join us does not matter if your new to the game, returning or have been playing for a while long as you want to be part of a friendly fun guild then your more than welcome to join us.

If you’re interested, or would like more information, please do the following:
Visit us on discord: discord.gg/V3swNXC

Add one of us for a chat:

  • Torai (Mistree#2555)
  • Kelris (Kuraineko#2167)
  • Ivoris (Cuttlesworth#2314)
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We started doing some of the older raids to warm up and find our feet while gearing and are still looking for people so if interested let us know!

Also doing guild events from time to time. Floofs are very welcome, too :3

woops that wasn’t the floof :slight_smile: this one is^^

I have tried adding the three discord tags, but it didn’t let me add any of them. I am interested, if you’d like to talk with me, I am Flakkah #4459