Looking for social guild for me and a friend


Hello I am looking for a social guild for me and a friend we have been away since legion and looking to find a guild I have previously done mythic+ and raiding up to HC level and would like to do some of that but Its more important to find somewhere to fit in and have a laugh with people and interact with people.


Hey Bluecarnage, add me ingame for some chatting :slight_smile:


Well hello there!

You and your friend are welcome to join us! We are an active and chatty social guild. Currently some of us are preparing to raid wich means we set our foot in mythic dungeons. We almost have a filled roster for the upcoming raid but also if you are not going to raid you are welcome to join, because we mainly are a social guild that contains friendly people that likes to have fun together!

You can add my battletag and whisper me or visit the link below.

I hope to chat with you soon!

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