This defending of Blizzard being lazy / greedy because “Blizzard can’t afford” to provide game updates or customer support is insane and pathetic…

Maybe you should remind yourselves this company almost two BILLION dollars in net profit last year.
The Blizzard Bootlicker mentality by some individuals is baffling.

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I’m not saying Blizzard “can’t afford”. I’m saying you’re not in the position to judge the economic soundness of Blizzard’s decisions such as this one.

Everything. In particular it says:

It makes a clear distinction between 5-man dungeons and raids, but leaves world bosses in a gray area.

However common sense says the spirit of the 2-hour window should apply, given it’s definitely a raid experience or, at the very least, not “five-person content”.

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Neither are you.

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Because it is raidloot? Its not like you can 5 man that content

And that’s why I posted also

“loot trading will be available in content that has a raid lock”

It really doesn’t get any more clearcut than this.

It was introduced later, as automated in-game system.
But it was done in vanilla too, just via GM’s every time. So this time they made it automated from the start to cut down on wasted GM time.

Actually I’m pretty sure it was introduced in WotLK?

And again, it absolutely does (I even have my doubts about whether you knew for sure before you came across this thread). Sure, raid bosses “don’t have a lock” as in unique raid ID because it’s a realm wide kill, so there’s nothing to lock. They’re not dungeons you can reset and run again either.

It’s not obvious at all they’d give raid bosses the same consideration as normal dungeons, and it’s not even reasonable considering the spirit of the distinction in their explanation.

So even if the rules had been explained properly (which haven’t), current situation is inconsistent with their own reasoning to put in place two loot distribution systems to begin with.

Unlike you I’ve been following this board since Nov '18, and have been in my current guild since Apr '19 (so, approx 4 months before launch), sorry for not being clueless.

I didn’t say “obvious”. I said “clearcut”. They stated in clear and unambiguous terms where the system would apply: raids with a raid lock. If you didn’t bother (and/or still don’t bother) reading blue posts, it’s your fault for not informing yourself on official channels.

Except rules have been properly explained in the post I linked, and if you know about their reasoning it means you read their post, which also included the actual explanation of how it works.

Zalanji initally said everthing that needed to be said.

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That’s because their millions of dollars are working hard on my pension.

Subscriptions are still at an alltime low with 12,99 EU and savings are made from the cost side of things, as it should in any healthy company worth their salt.

Figures… :roll_eyes:

Yet, they have better quarters in revenue now, then back then. :rofl:

Don’t be in denial.

Yay! for healthy business plan and yay! for my pension.

And yay! for all who still pay for it.

Who’s in denial here… :rofl:


I call it Greedy and provided facts, which you didn’t even checked.
Thinking Blizzard is the same as back then…
Sorry, you are in denial.

Of course you do.

Do you also call the greengrocer greedy when he charges you for the potato’s?

My turn to LOL… :rofl:

Where did i say that?

Yeah, i am that. I keep believing there is hope for Humanity. But they really need to step up on education. :roll_eyes:

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As far I know, the greengrocer has even better services now then 15 years ago. :rofl:
Denying facts, yea, up to you lolling to it. You provided none.

Your brain cells are. Keep illuding yourself.

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Aside from the price of potato’s im sure my greengrocer still provides the same level of service as 15 years ago.

He puts my greens in a bag and says “have a good day”.

As for the price of my veggie’s. I haven’t been tallying but im sure the prices have fluctuated over the years, depending on things like wages and costs.

What facts?

Im happy to do so. What sort of facts do you want?

About rising costs? Or maybe about the sub staying relatively low over the years?

Good start; sarcastically good, I mean, given it comes with an unnecessary touch of arrogance and incorrect assumptions.

I’d continue with the rest of your post but you’re repeating yourself and so will I, even if just to close all I had to say: information was incomplete and even if it wasn’t OP has all the right to complain about a decision that makes zero sense.