This is my main Char, who also was Raidleading the Azuregos raid. Did not check with which Charakter i was logged on before typing up the topic.

Blizzard help this poor fella T.T

As officer in our guild as well, include master looter - I’m glad your telling this to the community.

We do support you in this matter 100%
As an old retired vanilla veteran, I expect them to at least fix this issue, especially when you anticipated that it’s worked as in the raids.

Blizzard back in the days did sort stuff like this with no questions asked.

Please do update this thread with news.
And ppl, bump this, we are not accepting any longer they just Sit tight and screw us around.

They gave quest items back, keys you lost, and more back in the days. Stuff like this happened from time to time.

Not gonna accept this any longer.
Stay together ppl.

Where are the game master’s popping out of the blue taking the stuff and mail it to the intended player???


How does that work? I thought BOP loot trading from raids was introduced in like Cataclysm… ?

Because Raidloot in Classic behaves this way.
Molten Core and Onyxia Loot is tradeable for 2 hours and therefore we did not anticipate different behaviour for World Boss Loot. sadly…

What about it wasn’t clear, exactly?

Thank you for bringing this up. @zalanji

First of all Outdoor Bosses also have a respawn period and on top of that you compete against the whole server for them when they spawn, so the second part of this Blue Post would even suggest, that world boss loot is even more significant and painful to replace than loot dropping inside raids with a lockout, where at least you “for sure” get another shot at the boss after the reset.

A big part of loot trading (in a 2-hour window) as a solution to a concern is that raid locks require you to wait a week (or 3 days) before you can try again for the loot that was accidentally given to the wrong person.

World Boss kills on a busy server are sometimes, a once in a Lifetime experience.

Second, it can not be expected for players to be aware of every single bluepost.

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#nochanges right?
Too bad the GM’s changed. They’re like the police nowadays, never around or available to help but always in your bum for the smallest things.

Well a partial guild group i was in had an issue with loot also. Only a handfull of people were eligible for the loot with ML on the rest just didnt show up. And that despite them being there for the whole fight. We made a ticket and the GMs couldn’t do anything about this either… kinda dissapointing and demotivating to fight for world bosses really…

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Raid lockout is a very specific thing, the blue post clearly stated that loot trading only applies to raids that have a raid lock. World Bosses do not have any raid lock.


Where did you learn about Loot Trading, then? It’s not mentioned in-game, so the only official source I can think of that you could’ve learned it from are Blizzard’s blue posts on forums.

Plus, this was literally the first post that came up on my google search by writing “WoW classic loot trading”. If you had heard in-game about loot trading and wanted to learn how it worked, it would’ve been very easy to find out with a simple search.

You have only yourself (and your own lack of research) to blame, here.

What you are saying is on one side true but on the other not significant to this thread. I did not ask to redistribute anything, although i would appreciate it.

Read the opening post please.

Due to the fact, that every single piece of raidloot before the introduction of World Bosses is tradeable, it is in no way intuitive for players, that World Boss Loot behaves suddently differently. It has absolutely nothing to do with the posts you just quoted.
Other raidgroups will fall into the same trap of loosing loot because the behaviour is not what you would expect, after raiding MC and Onyxia for months, where every item is tradeable.

Therefore, it is a problem and awarness of the issue is important.

Also since I actually played WoW in 2005 and onwards: The current attitude of customer support, or the policies in place for them, does not even come close to what we experienced back in the day. Back then the response to a ticket started in your chat window like this: “Hello my name is GM SoAndSo, how may I help you?”. And after all customer support is somewhat part of the game and therefore we should expect them also to behave in a fashion which is recognizable from the original game.


Blizzard didn’t though this trough.
They made a fast decision, and who says it correct?

Ain’t we asking for no change?
This loot table should be available for all those who was in the raid. I believe that’s not hard to redo? -

Imagine master loot while there are 100 enemies. If they just had single thoughts into this matter before doing this ”exception” they would see that raids got it a bit difficult.

It wasn’t a problem back in the days.

Back then we all were like, why the fuc should we pay monthly fee for a game.
But there was online game masters and ticket where answered quickly.
And stuff was handled like this.

So exactly what are we paying for now?

Counter strike is a free game but we still get patches, content.
Fortnite same
Diablo same.
And so on.

Don’t FORGET why we payed monthly fee first of all! Back in 2004

And now they are scratching it?? Lol

First : Grats on the kill, it ain’t easy getting these bad boys down when contested.
Second: GM’s should fix this right now, there is no excuse what so ever.
Third: We are behind you, best of luck mate.

Remove loot trading.

I can’t feel sorry for you trying to use a system that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

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I mean I feel like Blizzard should transfer the items but at the same time if they decided against it then you really can’t complain either, surely you would set master loot before you even pull the boss or do it as the raid is formed?

I understand if there’s horde there trying to kill you it would be hard to distribute loot but you could do the rolls while dead and then res quickly and give the item to the player who won the item?

I just feel this situation can be avoided if you organise the raid properly, not to be that guy but I’m only stating the truth.

The main reason for this post is to make people aware of it, if we would have known the Loot Mechanic is different, which no one in our 40 man group anticipated, we obviously would not be in this situation.

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Don’t forget back in 2004 they didn’t have two WoW games to maintain, either

They actually did and decided to counter the lack of GM’s with loot trading.
But the plebs demanded that ‘loot trading was bad m’kay’ and so it was changed.

The reason OP is in this mess is BECAUSE of Blizzard giving in to demands on hindsight.

And in todays world services like these don’t cut the mustard anymore financially. And so they are cut.

Server access, like you have from the start of the game. Hasn’t changed much since the start either come to think of it.

I guess instead of piling up access fees on one end they started cutting from the cost-end.

So what are you waiting for… freeloaders that way ------->

For access to the servers. And what they do with that money after its no longer yours is really non of your beeswax, is it?

Well, i suppose they could double the fee and do GM’s again. :thinking:

loot trading is really cancerous outside of guilds and doesnt belong anywhere outside of guild raids


And in todays world services like these don’t cut the mustard anymore financially. And so they are cut.

I lolled. Let me fix this:
Since this ain’t the same blizzard anymore, they are being cheapasses not spending any of their millions dollar resources to fix it.