Lore Tidbit Thread 2

Ask and you shall receive!

On (Night) elf, human, stag and bear meat:

Throgg considered this and shrugged. He said, “Elf-meat taste horrible. But stag-meat and bear-meat good. Human-meat stringy. But stringy good sometimes. If Throgg in mood.

Murlocs taste like chicken, according to Ogres:

Throgg said, “Throgg hungry now. Does Throgg still kill murloc? Can Throgg eat murloc? Murlocs taste like chicken."


Then it isn’t a lore tidbit, innit. I reckon there is a necessity to have “lore speculations” thread.


Post sources nerds.


Equivalent exchange, you must give us some tidbits, too.

I mean, frogs supposedly do, so…


As Moridunum put it, none of my statements contradict eachother. http s://wow.gamepedia.com/Ghoul confirms it that few necromancers unaffiliated with the Scourge know how to raise ghouls.

Implying that it is “complicated” to raise something as a ghoul means that it is a difficult task from a perspective of casting spell or spending a lot of resources (be it physical or any form of energy i.e mana) to perform a ritual, so you stating that it is complicated to raise one (citation needed) and then say that it takes less energy to create one (citation needed) is a contradiction on its own.



No sir-e-bob.

I come here to learn, I have nothing to offer in return but my gratitude :frowning:

Tidal guardians have been guarding naga realm for as long as it has existed, or at least local inhabitants (gilblins) have never seen one in the wild, hence the assumption that they always were intertwined.

More so, their mandibles, with the mix of kelpflower wine, are used in some local beverages, presumably some form of an energy drink.


It might only count for druids of gonk, have no clue, but in the world quest “Loa Your Standards”, several of the Gonky bois try to kill you when you prank them by showing a bit of disrespect to their Loa.

So it may just be followers or gonk, or it can go for all… point is, they take disrespect to their Loa veeeeeeery seriously. Even the hexlord says “Oh and they may try and kill you for this.”

He also says “If you think THAT was harsh, you should see what some of the other Loa has their followers do!” So this is apparently not a harsh reaction.

Gilblins are the true Kyles

A fun, sad and bizzare bit of lore for kul tiras:

Sea stalks bear magical flowers that live even when removed from the plant. These are carried by the loved ones of people at sea and the stalk is carried by the sailors as the flower wilts if the stalk is exposed to salty seawater, the flower’s sudden death being an indicator of the loved one drowning.

As such, some really don’t like sea stalks, thinking them bad luck.


A quest in Nazjatar has u kill some squid mind controller dude. He then spits a thousand and one riddle whispers at you.

As a Shadow Priest, When you say Seeker in void form (which is Shath’yar), it translates to N’zoth. Tried it personally too.

So basically N’zoth means Seeker in Shath’yar.

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I wouldn’t trust the letter substitution algorithm used for ingame languages for that purpose. It’s better to go by the direct translations of various dialogues where we get both the spoken gargling and the voices to go with them.

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That’s a good point in general, although…

Not all of words work that way, as i have seen. Like, if i recall correctly, Sun always will result in “Belore” in Thalassian, while a words like *Silver has different outcomes from the algorithm. It may become “Danala” one time, and later “Reanos” or whatever. But Seeker always gives N’zoth in Shath’yar.

So basically i believe, other words wouldn’t give out N’zoth in Shath’yar, like another word with 6 letters. But i haven’t tried and can’t confirm. Regardless though, overall i think Seeker would be a fitting meaning too. :slight_smile:

Zandalari have the same tradition, if people wonders.

Yeah, the profession quests have similar cultural equivalents including rituals to bless metals for shipbuilding. We’re not so different after all…