Lor'themar should not lead the Sin'dorei


Our most infamus blood elf who currently also happens to be the leader of that race. Has due to his mirroring for Jaina in Nazjatar gotten some serious screentime. Blizzard eventually remembered he exists. But now to the actual core of the topic. He is by no means a good leader and has proven it once again.

Compared to other important Bloodelfs, he really is a nobody. And a meme. People rather call him Bob then by his actual name. Even worse, he made awful decisions that backstabbed his peoples interesets and are just benefiting the Alliance at best.

Some examples.

  • Exiled those Voidelf nutjobs + Umbric, instead of executing him before they discover something dangerous. Now they are here again, full of void power and will kill loyal soldiers of the Horde with those powers.

  • Made a truce with Jaina and the Alliance after they accepted Void Elfs in their ranks and are now catering for those political deserters.

  • Always sends Lady Liadrin to do the stuff that would be his job when important stuff happens.

  • Still has done nothing to get those arrested Sunreavers free from the Dalaran dungeons since MoP.

  • Still hasn’t punished Aethas for being an idiot and traitor who gave away the sigil artifact of House Sunstriders to the Kirin Tor for free. He really deserves execution for all his past screw-ups.

  • Joined the ranks of traitors over the woman who died to protect their shared kingdom and still does it in the Ghostlands and Tranquilien.

  • Ignoring Rommath’s supiscions besides him being right, pretty much about everything.

He is an awful leader and should be replaced asap by someone competent.

Lady Liadrin, Rommath, the risen undead version of Kael’thas. Someone who actually has experience and can represent the racial theme better than some ranger guy with bow and sword.

(Aeula) #2

He should not be forgiven for his actions in 8.2. Buddying up to Jaina and joining the rebels because of Baine of all people? He’s not fit to lead.

(Araphant) #3

To be honest, if you are claiming he is incompetent, then he portrays the racial theme perfectly.


Rommath for president!


Show me on the doll where Lor’themar touched you.



Yeah c’mon, it was just a setback.


Who has a character in Heroes of the Storm, and who doesn’t? See, easy to pick who is more popular.

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Gul’dan is in Heroes of the Storm, Gul’dan for Regent Lord.


Never change, Erevien. Never change.


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It’s an invitation for Daelinna.

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Lor’themar had one of the best progressions, a relatively new WoW character ever had. Specially during MoP.

Its a shame that the way they handled him during BfA, has tarnished his character so.

Regardless of how badly they are making Sylvanas manage the faction (or how much they hit her with the villain bat), the way they had him suddenly back on his stance, and so quickly side with the likes of Jaina, is a diservice to his otherwise good development and evolution.

Not saying he should support Sylvanas, but supporting the Alliance outright, and Jaina of all people while at it, is sad. And character breaking.
Very much so.

To add insult to injury, you have the Sunreaver detail.

A shame really, how a race that has had a relatively good progression throughout the expansions, has ended up affected as this by the story.

PS: Regarding the rest, won’t comment. But I admit i think you are forcing it a bit.

(Brigante) #16

You are aware Blizzard does this with every race, right? If there is a storyline that involves both factions, they will throw in two npc’s of relevance to those factions. Lor’themar and Jaina bounce off each other because they have -history-, a history of conflict and begrudgingly working together, which is far more interesting than generic ‘Eeeevul Nathanos’

When was the first time? I mean Lor’themar has made only one error, interestingly the same error Gelbin Mekkatorque made, or Jesus for that matter, if you are of a Christian bent. He trusted a friend who betrayed him.

Says you.

Only the ones who don’t know their lore, have not played Mists of Pandaria, or Battle for Azeroth. People referring to him as ‘Bob’ are generally mentally deficient, and have not done their homework or played the game.

What? Like actually -What-? He is probably one of the Leaders who has most upheld his people’s interests since the very start… Lets dissect your examples.

Because he is a benevolent autocrat, not a tyrant. Exile is the Elven way of dealing with problems. The Ren’dorei had not actually broken any laws. They had done dangerous stuff and went against the Will of Rommath, so Lor’themar exiled them. To have killed them would have been the act of a Tyrant.

He works -with- Jaina in extremis, when the situation merits it, or do you think a smart leader would have went “Nah, let Ashzara kill us all, because I don’t like Jaina”?

She’s one of his military commanders? That’s like Blaming Anduin for sending Halford Wyrmbane to do his job. That’s Liadrin’s -JOB-, she is the Matriarch of one of the three branches of power within Thalassian society, and the deputy to the Ranger-General of all Quel’thalas. He is sending a high ranking officer to do high ranking officer things. -HIS- job is to rule his people, which he seems to be doing quite well, given that they are stronger now than at any point since the Fall. He’s not going to send Liadrin to do things lightly, she is after all his low-key other half. If he sends her, this is him taking something seriously.

But they have been released… That has already happened.

What? Are you seriously saying you believe Felo’melorn was given to the Alliance, Cool, who was it who gave the Ashbringer to the Horde then? I have a Horde Paladin, so it must be true…

Or one could say, stands by his principles and opposes bloody handed tyrants when they do not act in the interests of the Horde, or more importantly his people. Ever since her death, Sylvanas has done more harm to Quel’thalas, than good. Ghostlands still looking as it does is because Blizzard are pathetically lazy and somehow imagine that a nation capable of prosecuting a war on the -other side of the Planet- or even better -In a different universe and Timeline- is somehow unable to clear out their own back yard. Plus, gotta keep the Sylvanas fans happy and give her her spoopy playground.

Or considering them and rejecting them. You know, like a leader does, when given advice by a counsellor with whom he disagrees. Rommath ain’t perfect, he is that ‘set in his ways’ grumpy old man. His choices are not always going to be best.

Too fervent, not measured and pragmatic enough to be a ruler. An excellent military commander, not an excellent ruler.

Too Set in his ways, this would take Quel’thalas -backwards- to an insular time such as Anasterian reigned over. Also setting an unfortunate state of civil strife over Silvermoon. Magistocracies are -not- a model for good societal governance, as Dalaran shows.

Most Awful idea in the thread.

Kael’thas Lied to his people, and betrayed them, then turned against them, and sided with the Legion. Sorry, he is a good idea -Why-?

So an Elf of the people then? I mean a Ranger guy with a bow and a sword, so, like one third of the political apparatus of Quel’thalas (The Farstriders are a political organisation as well as a military force) One who actually -earned- his position, unlike Sylvanas, who got it because of who Mommy was. Someone who rose through the Ranks, and took the job not because he -wanted- the power, but because he felt he could do the best by his people because he did not -want- to be a tyrant. A War Hero who refuses to take the title of King, even though his people seem to be pretty damned happy with his leadership?

Blimey. You’re describing a -perfect- Ruler there…

Him, Gelbin Mekkatorque and Genn Greymane are the absolute pinnacles of leadership.

Oh well, Arthas Menethil for king of Stormwind then? C’mon, that’s rubbish .

(Zarao) #17

Regardless of the fact that he is one of the most grounded and realistic characters, i seriously doubt Genn represents the “absolute pinnacle of leadership”.

He certainly is a very good character for the story, with his lights and shades, and his virtues and flaws.
But going as far as to call him the “pinnacle of leadership”, after the Wall incident or Arugal and how his rule has of lately thrown Gilneas into Stormwinds shade (mainly because of the awful game script, but still), seems like a stretch.

If i had to go for a third pick, i’d probably say that Moira’s prowess in rulership and political savvy, takes the prize.

But this is my opinion.

Its a shame that the Horde lacks these kind of characters as of lately.


Blood Elf Civil War when?

(Aeula) #19

We’ve had one too many without the Horde dragging us into another one.

God this faction turned out to be worthless.


Point is. Without Jaina leading the alliance in nazjatar, lor’themar wouldn’t even be there for any reasons at all. Props more Nathanos instead. Or Talanji.

He doomed the kingdom by telling Dar’khan all he needed to know to breach the kingdoms defenses with ease. This is borderline close to treason.


I feel like flagging you for personal insults here. You are very quick to lose temper it seems.

The large group of void elfs in the alliance seems to disagree. Because they wouldn’t have left when his leadership would be that good.

See above post.

Without him and Jaina following Azshara into the palace, N’Zoth would not have been freed. Do much for being a good leader.

I am very interested in your source for that claim.

On top of that, him being spineless caused the horde being thrown out of Dalaran in the first place. Backing away when garrosh loyalists said some mean words.

There is no tyranny about making tough choices, to make sure the enemy isn’t empowered hard enough.

How about saying thank you, that the forsaken prevented the blood elfs from dying by scourge again? Rather a prick behavior, taking the aid as granted.

So far all of Rommaths predictions have been proven right. Void elfs and Kirin Tor as well.

Steadfast, patriotic proud, strong, faithful, actually popular among the people. Carries all military campaigns on her back so far. Quite a career.

As most magic aligned race of Azeroth, right after Nightborne, it makes sense to have a mage as ruler. Even voidelfs fits the original theme better with their ways and leadership.

Because, he was awfully wasted potential and killed off for no other reason, than loot piñata demands from raiders with Warcraft 3 nostalgia. He was the most iconic blood elf character ever.

Blood knights mages and Anima-golems are the new face of Thalassian military. We ain’t some Silver covenant high elfs.