Lor'themar should not lead the Sin'dorei


Only if we get to finance both sides, while watching from a distance.

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[quote=“Jabjan-die-aldor, post:20, topic:82483”]
Blood knights mages and Anima-golems are the new face of Thalassian military. We ain’t some Silver covenant high elfs.
[/quote]You are contridciting your own critisism of him.
You call him pointless but rommath has done nothing untill very reacently in game.
This rommath fanboy club really needs to get a grip he is boring and a crap choice for a leader.

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Lor’themar is also a traitor because in Kul Tiras, the NPCs say “Fancy some bits and bobs?”

Coincidence? I think not.


We can bring out the trusty ol’ robocat for that.


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Blood elves? Last time I checked the last remnants died with illidan against Arthas and the scourge in Northrend. I doubt they would add them in the next expansion, it would be a huge asspull. The only remaining high elves are in the alliance.


And Quel’thalas is a scourged ruin with destroyed Sunwell. It’s probably even worse than the Plaguelands. Where would blood elves even start - Northrend? That place is just ice and nothing more. I could see that work if they add a scourge faction, otherwise, no.


Hahaha imagine they add the elves to the horde just to troll them xD


I hope they don’t add them with a lame excuse like Asian player’s girlfriends wanting to play a pretty race in the horde.


Eww, not even horde deserves that. Please stop being so evil, they are real people too.


Imagine if 50% of the horde players played as an asspulled race like belves XD


Pretty far-fetched. Horde players, I don’t like them, but they play that faction because they are cool underdog savage faction. Blood elves would be too Alliance for them. Even if they ever add them, doubt many people will play them.


Not boring. The only appropriate character we have left for elf mage culture.


Blah Blah Blah

Save for a messed up voice over and one bad line of dialogue how is his story in BFA any different from MoP.

He exiled his kin rather than putting them to the sword, he rebelled against a Warchief whom he believed no longer had the best interests of his people in mind and he put aside his differences with Jaina and the Alliance to focus on the greater threat at hand.

Notice the past tense? I’m actually referencing the exile of his High Elven rangers back before the events of BC, the rebellion against Garrosh and the truce on the Isle of Thunder/Siege of Orgrimmar. The truth is that many of his actions in BFA are nearly identical to similar events in his past. If his development in 5.2 was praised by the community then why is he suddenly ruined now? Because of how polarizing Baine and Sylvanas are?

Furthermore you cannot simply assume that the character in question has meta knowledge of some of the things on your list. He couldn’t possibly have known that Hathorel would lie in waiting for the Player when he sent us to rescue Baine nor that Alleria would recruit the then uncorrupted Blood Elves into the Alliance. It’s also impossible to say whether or not he had any knowledge of what Aethas did when he sought readmission into the Kirin Tor.

And let’s remember something here. He led his people through a zombie apocalypse and a civil war and saw his kingdom come out stronger on the other side. Calling him incompetent is just wrong.

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Meta knowledge is the only reason he’d ever have for risking it all to protect Baine given that he and Baine have never had a scene together. Neither have LTT and Thrall, come to think of it.

Compare him building up his own powerbase and waiting for the chance to strike on the basis of a slight done to the people he’s leading in Mists to him criticizing Baine for acting too soon in one patch only to do the same thing Baine did in the next one because of his heretofore unseen appreciation for “all that is best in the Horde”.

In terms of him being the blood elf leader, even with BFA he’s just on the worse side of okay. Rommath would be the best one, since he’d actually make the blood elves distinct from differently coloured high elves while having just as much if not more reason to be against Sylvanas. Liadrin would be the worst as she has no personality.


Pretty much this. His only actual connection with the rest of the Horde was Sylvanas. There is literally no reason to call Baine “The very best of the Horde, we have to save him!!!” and risk it all with a gamble like that. This is both a mix of OoO behavior and Meta knowledge of the script of the plot.

She does have personality, Blizzard just doesn’t mind any sort of continuity with it.

That was Kael’thas. He was just elected regent as the actual ruler was off in Outland for whatever reason until he would return. Pre discovery of his pact with the Legion.

It requires meta knowledge in the first place, to even guessing why it would be oh so important to save Baine, whom he shares no personal relationship or even interaction with. Like ever. Him being next Warchief bait candidate is the only reason I can think of(With human potential blessing of course).

If you followed the plot until now, that answer should be obvious. Making the same mistake twice is not an excuse. The Voidelfs should be dead. But they are not because, once again, he refused to listen to the warnings of Rommath. Same with when they guided Alleria to the Sunwell and almost got it destroyed. LISTEN TO YOUR MAGES!

Yes. And guess what. Sylvanas didn’t do anything of that to his people as far as we are awar. She isn’t attacking Silvermoon, nor uses the Elfs as meatshields. Sucking up to Baine is about Golden’s writing favoritism. Nothing else. Not because Baine is actually a great character. Yet again, neither is Lor’themar since he has the personality of a cardboard-cutout in the wind.

Funny enough they really are no longer the same kin, considering both, Silver covenant and Voidelfs, picked human husbands/wifes over their actual race/interests of the majority of their people. That human potential is a big mark of corruption for the mind it seems.

Good catch :wink:


Kael left immediately for Lordaeron after he had finished the immediate business with the Sunwell and rebranding of his people. Lor’Themar, Rommath and Halduron were the actual leaders on the ground in Quel’Thalas who kept things together.

He explains his reasoning for sending the player to rescue Baine. He fears that if Baine were to die the Tauren would leave the Horde and many other of its races would follow them out. I dislike Baine as many other posters here but even I can recognize the logic behind that train of thought.

Can we dispel the notion that Rommath wanted the Blood Elves who studied the void killed? This is what he says when Alleria goes all voidy at the Sunwell:

“This is why I demanded that Umbric and his radicals be exiled. Anyone who treats with the void is a danger to the Sunwell”

Not a word of imprisonment or execution. I’ll give you Alleria though.

Sylvanas started, or at least severely escalated an already ongoing war that has led to the deaths of Horde soldiers, including Blood elves. If Bob is disillusioned about the current political climate or fears that it endangers his now very isolated kingdom’s stability then it’s not exactly unlike him to seek a way out. In MoP it was the Alliance and now it’s Baine and the rebels. Pick your poison, I guess.


tbh if you think about it, a lot of the decisions or stuff LTT has been doing doesn’t FEEL like they were done for story’s sake, but rather to let blizz shoehorn in some stuff that are conventional or not.

so, whilst i do agree LTT needs a fix, i dont think he needs to be replaced that badly. an immediate example being the exile of void elves rather than outright executing them. that would have stopped the void elves becoming an allied race.

now, even i see the good in that, but that still would have ruined and/or alienated a community however large or small that blizzard ‘’’’’’’’’’‘wanted’’’’’’’’ to put in.

another instance is nazjatar. he seems so suddenly willing to forgive and forget with jaina? oh how did that happen~~~~~

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Going directly for Jaina, is one major problem.

I too find natural for LTT to bail out of the conflict.
What becomes jarring, is to watch him suck over to the one that has been always more than willing to discard and kill his people directly, simply because he disagrees with someone that might be doing so indirectly.

We are not talking about Garrosh here. There is nobody forcing Blood elves into positions that throw them into the fry as fodder.
Yes, this is a morally challenging war that is becoming increasingly pointless and nasty.

But siding with the one that has just now shown her willingness to kill his people, and did so in the past not showing any kind of remorse or intention to repent about it (even if she did so for unjust reasons), isn’t the kind of development that throws a positive light over Lorthemars character.

Forcing Lorthemar into an alliance with Jaina, of all Alliance people, while randomly proclaiming his agreement with Baine side that just now has returned from using a Sunreaver as a stepping stone on his way to bail out the consequences of his actions, is the kind of forced development that undermines his development.

I’ll repeat, I’m not saying he should’ve sided with Sylvanas. But given their recent history, turning towards the Alliance seems about as inorganic and forced. And reeks of writers forcing the plot to fit in with their preferences.

Would’ve respected LTT more if he had simply decided to leave both factions.


Poor Lore’Themar he seems sensible and reasonable for a leader. I think your criticism of what happened in Nazjatar can also be applied to Jaina.
I am also unimpressed with how you conveniently forgotten Thalyssra who persuaded Lore’themar to work with Jaina and the Alliance, he was very skeptical about it.
Regardless,at the rate you are asking for executions your race will be extinct.:rofl: