Low Pop - Safe server?

Is this server a safe server, in terms of population? I mean it’s low pop…

It would be a pity if the server becomes emptier after a few weeks or months.

Yeah, the doomsday is coming. We will all be dead tomorrow.



It’s been less than ten hours since launch. Impossible to make any predictions about population at this point, especially considering that it’s a work week. Wait a week, see how it plays out.

On the upside, low pop means you’ll get in without waiting hours in line :wink:


There seems to be a bug in the server status. People say that even on medium/high flagged realms there are still queues.

Also last night the world server went down couple of times on this server and the major cities went broken. So I think you will be fine here. Time will tell anyway.

This is the only RP-PvE server available. Literally everyone who wants that environment is here, so I would suggest that it will have a more enduring community than many of the “zomfggbbq 4 hour queue” servers.


I think that the RP PVE community is the smallest and right now we do profit from having PVE players, that don´t want queues.

Not that much RP has happened yet, but I am confident that we can have a few nice guilds running, but if we will be able to raid, especially in regards of long time activity is questionable.

Most likely we must all work together and form raids of various guilds, which is not always bad.

I hope the server will survive without any xrealm or connected technology. We do profit from no other native RP realms as of yet. If the other nations get them, we would lose quite a bunch of people :frowning:

I am staying for now, hopefully I find a nice home some day, I am quite picky lol

My dwarf got told she was being blasphemous for sitting in a moonwell.

Sadly he left before I could explain that it was allow this or endure my sweaty pits.

RP pops up in funny places :slight_smile:


I think it’s a bit too soon to think about how the server will be in the future. I mean, less than a week as gone by.
Some of my friends are still waiting for everything to settle down before jumping in.

Horde side, we’ve always been underpopulated tbh, at least on RP servers so it’s something I’m quite used to perhaps but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any.


edit: Brill had a spark of RP last night. Nothing amazing to write home about, but it’s a start. And remember there will also be new players here that never RP’ed before and need a little motivation to start :wink:

Hydraxian Waterlords is a medium pop server, and concerning its specific I bet its population is going to be quite stable and healthy in months (or probably even years) to come.

It’s the only PvE RP server, so I’d expect it to have a decent amount of players on it in the long term.


Always instant logging in Hydraxian Waterlords, never any queue :smiley:


Gonna be honest, my guess is, it’s pretty safe, people are out and about and it’s up to medium generally now. If you are looking for RP on the other hand. I’m not sure if this one or the RP-PVP one is the best pick. I think we will just have to wait and see when (or if) some major community springs up and where they settle. Personally I’ve not seen any RP, could be due to layering or just wrong place wrong time on this server and have not lvl’ed one on the RP-PVP one yet. So I couldn’t tell you about that one. Keep in mind it’s still “early” in terms of people trying out classes and getting to max and so on.

I’ve seen a whole load of RP on here, though admittedly not that much in terms of events, there’s plenty of people I’ve had in character conversations with.

Mind you, it has mostly been while I’ve been in Stormwind, but that’s to be expected while everyone is still levelling. It was the same back when I started on Earthen Ring years ago.

EDIT: Probably should have posted this on the correct version of Cherwina >> <<

I feel events might be difficult to do at the moment anyway, what with the whole layer thing. Hard to do a larger event when half the people can’t see each other due to being in different layers. Hopefully those will get removed sooner rather than later.

Hydraxian Waterlords in now medium pop.

But it would be interesting to know the exact numbers for both Alliance and Horde.

Why does Blizzard persist in hiding this information from us?

Presumably to keep realm population healthy. Even just knowing percentages leads to people abandoning servers where their faction is underrepresented and head to servers where that isn’t the case, which just worsens the problem, as could be seen when the census addon was still a thing.

Aside from that, showing player numbers is a no-win situation for Blizzard. It’s great as long as there’s an upward trend, but the moment player numbers are falling it’s all doom and gloom, which might, again, just exacerbate the problem. People quitting because people are quitting, “lol dead game” and all that. It’s a pandoras box kinda thing, once they start giving numbers they have opened the box and can’t stop. Because if they stop it’ll be viewed as proof that the numbers are on a downwards trend, no matter if that’s true or not.


I would rather want that Blizzard were more transparent with showing the server populations so that we the players can help those servers become more evenly populated between Alliance and Horde.

That’s not gonna happen. Nobody is gonna look at numbers and say “Oh, Horde is massively in the minority on that server, I’m gonna start playing Horde there to even out the numbers.”. What will happen is people seeing those numbers and decide against playing on that server - or play the faction that has the majority, instead.

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Well you don’t understand how this works because people won’t flock to the server if the exact number is shown it would discourage them actually so they will either leave it or join the dominant faction on the server so even less players on the other faction cause of it.So i understand why they never say.

Seeing as it is the only rp-pve server, yeah it’s safe. Many roleplayers who don’t want to play on rp-pvp will flock here. Also there is a lot of pve-players on the server, increasing the population.

Personally I like playing on low to medium servers since it means less competition during leveling and often a tighter community. Also, as stated, seeing the numbers will deter people from coming so it’s good that they don’t show them.