M+ DF season 1 timers are way too short

M+ dungeons in Dragonflight season 1 are way too short

Please upvote this before half the player base quit the season within the first month of the season.

Blizzard just increase the timer already in the dungeons by at least 25%.

HoV or AV one wipe at certain areas = rip key


Nah some of the dungeons are fine. Althouvh defintly some dont.

Azure vaults feels like its timers too short.
Halls of Valor is another that can feel really short.

However nokhud for example u can time it with 44 deaths lol

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AV is the only timer that is very tight.
Rest is fine.

HoV is tight too. 10 deaths and the dungeon will be not timed. I’d like an increase to its timer.

I blame this and same with AV on the respawn positions.
For Nokhud they gave a bigger timer because you start at the entrance, for AV and HoV I feel like they forgot this :thinking:

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I will appreciate that many quit. Ignorant devs should feel how wrong their decision was too cater the 0,1%

I’m going to play other games in february so I could care less about world of echo/liquid

I think the timers are super good for the dungeons this time around, majority of them allow for quite some mistakes.

Same can’t be said about HOV and AV though. AV is quite harsh on tyrannical weeks + trash taking ages, and HOV is just brutal on both fortified and tyrannical, since the dungeon has 5 bosses, plus the trash is just incredibly annoying.

The timers are fine.

Had no trouble to time all keys on 22 before any nerfes.

What i had to complain was the long RP idle in hov which was changed today.

RP idle time above 10s should be banned for m+.

Aw phew, a 0,1%'r telling us all its fine. Much re-assuring.

i agree with AV, been looking at the cool kids on twitch (0.1%ers) when they time this on HIGH keys, the skips and pulls needed to time it is insane. for us regular ppl, yes, that dungeon could use more time. but i do think that its timeable on 20 without all the crazyness. just needs some double/tripple pack pulls and pumpers!

HoV, well, i’ve only timed 16 a coulpe of times. and its doable for sure. big pull at start, couple of double pulls, skip sentinels, do bears and bulls insted and so on. even timed it with 10-12 deaths. so its doable but takes effort without crazy skips and super duper play. been to chicken to try it on 17 with 402 ilvl as tank. should be doable though.

On a classic hide character with 1 post aswell :thinking:


I agree with HoV and AV… the others not so much.

So HC raiders are top .1% now? Klkl…

Then post it on your char where you did all 22s before nerfs…

Right now you’re just a random internet dude with no evidence claiming its fine and that we should trust you, like anti vaxxers and flerfs.

whats a flerf?

A speical kind person who thinks that by misunderstanding science, or just ignoring it, makes him/her smarter than everyone else and it proves the flat earth…

They are truly special people, their moms told them so when they were drinking lead paint you know :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, intressting. This is a word i for sure will start to use as much as i can!! It rolls so nicely of the tounge. Fleeeeerf

Blizzard should not up the timer. Nobody likes long Dungeons. The HoV treatment was a good solution, i guess you could also do that to AV, but all in all Blizzard is reacting very fast and i can only praise Blizzard for a very entertaining M+ Season so far.

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The sheer incompetence of the devs showed during the naguura interview. The dev was lying about a so called baseline where he was talking about how they are aiming for all of the dungeons to be somewhat equal in terms of difficulty.

The current m+ is breaking normal guilds as you need to be picky in 18 upwards to even have a chance of timing it because you need almost perfect execution AND class knowledge. Even in SL we could sometimes carry less skillful mates which is not even debatable these days.

DF M+ season one is horrible, overtuned and obviously made by devs and some 0.1% they are simping on.

Not at all. They push Ions agenda and then, when the numbers went downhill they panic. Q1 will be desastrous and I hope they’ll finally see that this hardcore garbage is a niche, nothing more.

IMHO they should simply add five affixes in 21 and upwards where all the masochists can banging their heads against walls and finally revert the scaling change. SL s4 after scaling already was total bs and unfun and for whatever reason they continued with this.


Are you complaining that 18+ Keys are not free? They shouldn’t. You want to carry a Mate through, who obviously is not ready for that kind of content? I just don’t get your reasoning for your complain. You have multiple sources of Gear. You can craft Like 5+ high level items by now and for what ever reason do you need them anyway, if you do not compete in high level end game content?

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I’m complaining about the unneccesary upscaling. 20 should have stayed 20 and not scaled up to be the equivalent of a 23 key.

Also the rewards do not reflect the effort you have to put in AT ALL.

405 for 18 upwards is laughable. They should either revert this BS scaling change or raise loot and ilvl in m+ for higher levels.

Not everyone is a RWF high parse raid logger and the only thing to overcome this is gear, which is time gated by one per week for non mythic raiders.

DF went from a promising expansion to pure garbage due to Ions m+ strategy. They simply don’t listen.

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