M+ is a joke

its been 4 days and you can’t get over that m+ is a joke can u just move on? lmao

You’re the one with the most to say in this thread by far (lmao!)

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Mate, you can click on his profile and ignore notifications. Forum is much friendlier without messages popping up from this toxic priest.

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I hate to break it to you, but Deja is the one talking sense here. The OP is whining about not getting a free pass into whatever key he wants.

As a 3k player, I cannot disagree more. Depending on the level of the key I do, if you have completed it in time or close to time, you get an invite (and you fit the group composition ofc). Also this greatly changes depending on time/availability of players. If i have 20 3k+ players in the queue for a 15, then I will take some of them. If there is just a 1.5k player that has done the key that i am going and seems to know it, I also take him.

Completely agree. Only point I would disagree is the focus on score. If I run a 15 HoA, a 1400 rio player that completed a 15 HoA, is more welcome than a 2.1k player that has completed a 12 HoA.

Luckily neither him nor you define what it means to ‘talk sense’. While I do not agree with everything OP said, I agree with the flaws m+ has. Especially S4 is a joke.

Also, except for you two, no one entered the conversation and started calling OP names :tipping_hand_man: It’s just toxic behaviour

Actually the only person not to disagree with him is you. And the only reason you did it is because you’re salty at me. kek.

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Calling people names is indeed pretty toxic. Perhaps you would care to quote where I called the OP names.

Well let’s start with this insult right there:

I see that there is another hidden reply, propably from that toxic panda. But arguing with someone who is not even able to see that his first replys are already starting with insulting the OP, makes no sense anyway. Have a nice day!

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Making an honest statement about the OP’s sense of entitlement isn’t ‘calling the OP names’. Calling him names would be something like saying he is an ‘idiot’ or a ‘moron’.

I take care not to use terms like that when talking to other players, even when I think they are well deserved. Enjoy your day :slight_smile:

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awww thats so sweet of you :pleading_face: :point_right: :point_left:

but yeah just move on you two or get a room its been a week this post is just my opinion about m+ rating system and you dont have to start fight with each other everyone has different opinions

“I didn’t get invited to these groups so the game is bad”

meby meby disagree cant meby true zugzug

Why would you like to get invited to content without reward? You run 3h for anima.

your not funny

Well… let’s try and make sense of your “claims”

  1. You’re using dmg done instead of DPS for example, it’s a complety useless metric you’re using. Afterall, i can show you a tank doing 25mil dmg over a dungeon.
  2. You say lock (I assume you) did 30mil damage over a dungeon. I’m sorry, in lower keys there’s not enough HP on the mobs over the whole dungeon to do that.
  3. There’s nothing on RIO with you having done any keys.
  4. There’s nothing on warcraftlogs with you having done any keys.
  5. There’s nothing on armory with you having done any keys.
  1. overall dungeon dps i did was 11k while second dps had 5.7k third was 5.6k (tank) and then udk 3.8k while our healer did 2.2k
  2. there is if half of your dps team is literally afk and doing negative dps
  3. bualock-stormscale i have 6 warlocks
  4. same thing as above
  5. same thing as above

because i got Gladiator this season in PvP so felt little bored since i don’t have people to try rank 1 push (not saying its easy or i would 100% get it if i had people) but would be nice if i had people to try and push at least so yeah i had no one to play so i went over pve to try out m+ and tbh seeing 2.5k m+ rated people dying while backpedaling was kinda fun

I personaly always set an item level and raiting requirements. I want specific people and everyone else will be ignored. I don’t want my list to be filled with players with under the looked for requirements.
Also i inspect the applicants so i know if their ilvl is just a number or the right items for the spec.
I don’t care how many times someone did a specific dungeon but it is important for me to know they have done it atleast once and to have done enough keys between levels 17 and 20 if i invite anyone to a 20.

Dude, all season 4 is a one big joke.
Unplayabl Karazhan, where buffs for prot war/pala, nerfs for warlock and surv hunter?
Why in battle.net app version WoW?
Its one big joke, ty blizzard

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lols necrolord surv hunter with 265 pvp tier gear and 2 legos and 0 score dont get in to normals even it can pull for 300k dps :rofl: