M+ is a joke

Sadly there’s no other way to value a player in fast and easy way than rio rating.
I use also Warcraft Logs and parse% to evaluate players but in M+ it’s not very accurate.

Unfortunately we don’t have proper ranking system for M+ players and we must play with what we have now.

But even though I had 2.9k last season because I don’t have any rating by Saturday I can’t get into anything? I mean, some of us have stuff to do, like clear CN…

M+ rating and ilvl aren’t even reliable metrics for determining if a player is competent anymore.

You can literally go into the WoW Shop, buy a couple of WoW tokens and effectively wallet warrior your way to KSM or KSH with a few million gold. World of Warcraft is literally pay to win thanks to this. What Blizz should be doing is banning boosting entirely.

Heck, Mike Ybarra, the current President of Blizzard, has been openly streaming Mythic+ boost runs on his stream.

This game has a serious elitism and gatekeeping problem, to the point where it feels like the only legit way to climb is to surrender your wallet.

What if i told you they never were :smiley:

Ofc people with high score will deny but reality is toxic Io was always only elitest means to exclude people

Strange. I cleared at least 1 x 12-14 dungeons on chars that Had 0 score this week . Ofc i for some declines but it didnt take nie more then 5 minutes to get in . Maybe dont tryb to get into +15 on 278 char and you will be ok :slight_smile:

278 as in mythic level of last season? Yeah, alright then, whatever…

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