M+ Leavers have to be addressed

Ahhh yes, the usual… Don’t have any arguments, attack the person to invalidate his/hers/other opinion.

I think in the thousands of keys I’ve done over the last few expansions, I’ve had maybe 1-2 leavers per season, and I might have left a key ones or twice a season when the group was unbelievably bad.

An example where i left last season, had a 475 BM hunter, doing 17k overall … 17k …

And i 100% agree with Uda, this leaver problem isn’t really that big. Else i should have seen way more leavers in my thousands of keys … Or i am just special, maybe bliz loves me, and only show grps with specific players for me?

And while you guys comment on this post could you give me your reason for what you have to gain by not incentivizing people to not leave the key when the run is nowhere close to being over?

Sure, I can get better, I can get better gear, I can try to wait extra to maybe find better people but I don’t see what is there to gain by not discouraging people to leave.

And since you and others are so critical that you see this being posted very often, how can you say it only happens to me?

Because some of us have a sample pool of thousands of runs we’ve done, and we basically never see it, how do you explain that? Are we special, or could it maybe be a you issue?

You have a way to solve this problem. Do you actually want to fix it or do you just want to moan it exists?

I was simply asking: what is there to gain by incentivizing people to not leave the key?

If as you say, the single run you had that a leaver could have been brought to 0, how does that not benefit you?

And for sure, if I want to try M+ again in the future I will look into joining a community, but if I’m playing dps that would only also mean way more wait time

The problem is you want to implement a system that is going to hurt everyone. There isn’t even a system that can track who a leaver is. And when there would be a real leaver system, the leaver who wants to leave will not leave but do not want to be there, basically taken hostage. That person isn;'t going to be a valuable asset to your group anymore. Which means he can just die in a next swirly or make other ‘stupid’ mistakes till someone else leaves in the already cursed run.

You accomplish exactly nothing but negativity by trying to implement a complicated leaver system. While this problem also basically does not exist when you look at the number of keys run.

I said it before you should not be forced to stay in a key if the timer has ended or maybe a certain boss was not completed in a % of the time.

It does not need to be complicated, let me see if the players left keys and what was their dungeon/timer progress at that time

And maybe increase the crest to match the value of a timed key, but still not have the extra loot and keystone upgrade.

I really don’t see how this can negatively affect people, I get to make an informed decision when inviting someone and people are encouraged to complete the run

Sounds very complicated to me. You need to implement this for every dungeon with specific detail since on 1 dungeon you start on a boss, on the next dungeon you do 75% of trashcount before you see the 1st boss. There are dungeons where you can not even know which boss is the 1st boss because of freedom, etc.

You completely ignored my argument of the behaviour of players will change when a leaversystem gets implemented.

Your “suggestions” would only make things worse for everyone…

Your suggestions from your first post is that i should get punished if i dont feel like boosting a 17k dps bm hunter in 475 gear without prior warning.

You do realise that they are legit making the actual time to complete the dungeon based on this ? They don’t pull out the timer out of their butt, they take into account the average per boss and trash pulls for %

The behavior change that you describe( intetionally walking in mechanics) its called griefing and its currently against the TOS

That is true, but some people are that bad they do it when they try not to… so how do you see the difference between the griefers and the bads.

“Ohhhh, they could look at IO maybe?” Except boosts invalidate that, and maybe someone is having a bad day.

So yes, it’s against ToS, but if the person is has an IQ in the double degits, its easy to make it seem like a bad day and so on.

Like my earlier posts, i mentioned a 17k dps BM hunter with 475 gear… has he been boosted? Is he just that bad? Or trolling/griefing? Maybe he was testing some talents, not unreasonable since he hadnt specced beast cleave for example. How do you determine who griefed, is just bad, having a bad day, is drunk, internet messing up and so on?

Yes but hitting a swirly can happen any time anyway.

Be reasonable, you can’t prove intent with stuff like that. Man, these threads are always just full of stupid stuff.

God forbid suddenly being mechanically wrecked in ratings and ladders because some Gnoll in Brackenhide shot me out of RNG with its crossbow.


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players always leave run go bad blizz did somting about it players go afk fake dc avoid punishment also keep hostage unfair theny start pull make some 1 leave before them just avoid punishment

I have started leaving keys before the first boss depending on how the DPS perform. Not wasting my time anymore.

so many people "testing talents " in +8 or +10

reality is boosting people is possible in pug groups only up to certain level of keys.

above certain theshold people have to either perform or key cannot be completed if other players are not very very very exceptional top level players.

thats why its more then ok to leave key if you see there is 0 chance for it to be timed if key was not listed as “completion” .

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My point exactly.

just now Tank leaves the group after the last boss at 91% progress. Low keys are almost impossible to play!

Were you gonna time it or not? That is the question.

Also… maybe he had an emergency. Its a single case. Could have been anything.