M+ Leavers have to be addressed

Every single season I give M+ a go but end up canceling my sub due to leavers are griefers

This morning I had a great group, blasted first boss in Academy then the tank complained why the healer won’t mind control the Incorporeal, healer said he doesn’t want to, then they both left. Not only my key got depleted I also lost around 40 minutes trying to make the group.

Second key, Uldaman, on another character the tank just left after we killed the first big pull without saying anything.

I don’t think this is ok, this is not respecting anyone’s time.
Why can’t we have a vote to call off the key if people agree?
Why can’t the leaver’s key get depleted instead? ( If they reach 0 don’t let them run M+ for the week)
Or any kind of system that shows if people leave keys.

I know you will say ‘’ just invite better people’’ or ‘‘have a premade’’ but keep in mind I only invite people with the same or higher score than me . I wait a lot to make sure the people are good, trying to keep the spirits up during the run and its gets very annoying, I want to play the game not babysit a bunch of manchilds so they won’t leave my key.
And I don’t play in a premade group because its very hard to find people that share my schedule.


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Please read all the other posts about this. Cheers.

highly doubt the story is true the way you tell it unless you are extremely unlucky.

  1. the healer probably was annoyed because none of the dds/tank dealt with the affix on a tyrannical boss that require massive sustained healing (at least on higher level). So why bother with ignorant dps, so he left.

  2. First pull showed that the tank was nr.2 in dmg with 2 potatoes floating at 200k dps in a massive pull. Better leave early because it is useless to carry people that don’t do dps.

probably something more along this lines than just people leaving randomly after nothing happened.

Tank probably left because after the first big pull he realised the DPS were crap, weren’t interrupting etc. I leave keys after the first boss if the dps are doing stupid stuff and doing crap dps.

most time tank crap lol tink he hurry cetch bus or somting lol

Im so tired and sick of people posting about leavers… again and again…

I will be blunt with you : If you are constantly getting leavers and griefers in most of your groups… its a YOU problem.

I simply call all your stories pure and simple BS. I dont beleive it. You have done a TOTAL of 6 dungeons. And you got leavers in 2 of those dungeons.

Well maybe you were not “blasting the 1st boss” as you claim. Maybe the tank leaves cause he does not want to carry the whole group. Or he knew that the team will never even complete the dungeon.

You did not tell the whole story there my friend…

And I am blunt, and call it pure BS because its NOT what most people experience. Are there leavers? YES. How many? Well in S3 I have the data. I did over 347 dungeons (with my main, many more with my alt). 258 of those completed. I had a total of 11 people leave the dungeon for no reason / dumb reason.

What? Am I somehow special? I am so charming to every PuG out there that nobody wants to grief? Or blizzard simply hand picked me and only me to join the only PuG groups with decent people in them?

So if you cancel your subscription after having just 2 bad experiences (out of 6)… you did not want to play M+ to begin with…

So good bye. Dont come back please.


Very nice of you to assume I only did 6 keys the whole season, I have around 50 on all my characters this season, its not much but I play every start of the season and quit for the same reason

I want highlight that I’m not inviting bad dps so that tank and healer ‘’ carry ‘’ the group.

You are so tired of people posting this but yet its bs and it never happens… sure my dude

Did it occur to you that maybe, so many people post this BECAUSE it happens alot and its frustrating ?

OK sorry.

But lets get back on track. Tell me… of the 50 keys you have done in all your chars…

In how many of them were there leavers and greafers?

2/50 ? Or how much more?

Because of this. Because if it happens a lot its a “you” problem. To be honest.

And also, observational bias. Its human nature to remember the bad, but forget the good. Or, its also true that people that play wow tend to treat other people as NPCs.

So when you have a “good run” you dont say GJ, no “good team”, no “wanna play some more?”… none of that.

So people that have that attitude (which you seem to have) tend to have “mediocre” experiences in a good run. And “really bad” experiences in bad runs.

So there is an ilusion of “bad and toxic” when there really isent one. Just bad attitude.

And the ONLY way to disprove my comments, is to tell me EXACTLY how often you have had leavers in your groups.

You have done 50 keys over all your alts? OK. How many greafers and leavers?

And then, you tell me with YOUR data if its really “happens a lot” as you claim.

Because I produced my data : 347 dungeons dungeons in S3… 11 leavers. And so far in S4 : 77 completed runs, 91 including failed runs. 0 leavers.

Why am I so special, and you are not ?

You know that the keys that have leavers do not count in those 50 and are not displayed on any data site since they are not completed right ?
I would say around 15-20% of the groups I make have a leaver for a reason or another, personal ego, maybe tech issues, maybe internet issues… people do not leave because they dont want to ‘‘carry’’ the group.
Personally speaking, carrying people on terms of dps, or mechanics even makes my experience more satisfying

So… lets get some statistics rolling…

50 timed keys. + 20% leaver (untimed). So 10 in total.

Plus another 20% for not timing something for agreed terms between the party. No leaver, simply just agreeing. 10 more.

So you have done 70 keys in total. 10 of which is a negative experience.

1 / 7 . Not too bad. What is there to complain ?

Also :

Yes they do.

But not to others.

But back to that 1/7 :

Think about this before complaining about others.

I can tell you a hint if you want : its not really “about 20%”. Its less than that.

Observational bias. I have seen it far too many times to even care anymore.

Sure dude, Because I spend upwards to 30 minutes to create groups only do downgrade my key because of something that is not in my control I should not post about it , because that is how something that you dislike gets changed in life : if you never give any feedback or you are not critical towards what you dislike .

I don’t see how it would affect you negatively to punish the leaver instead of the key holder, if from your sample size as you suggest, even fewer runs would have leavers as they would be unincentivized would that not affect you positively ? or are you the type to instantly leave when some one makes a mistake and you don’t want to be punished for that, I simply don’t understand whats good for not incentivizing fewer people to leave, it really does not make sense for me

And if it happens once every 10 keys or every 50, 100 it does not mean its still bad when and frustarting when it happens

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Because if you have any reason to not want to do a run… you cant leave…

For every leaver that leaves your keys, there is one guy that simply does not want to spend time in a key with trolls. And that is just 1 example.

Or carrying people. If I join a key to time it. And we wont time it. And I propose a vote to leave the key because it would take us 2h to finish it… and 4 people say : nah, we want to spend 2h doing it? What am I supposed to do? Commit to that … because … ?

And then there are a myriad of other legitimate reasons to simply leave a key. Like IRL emergencies.

Wanna punish those too?

Think about what you are proposing here. And then, reflect on the fact if it would give YOU any advantage.

Leavers are NOT the only thing outside your control. Only a very small thing.

Because let me remind you that even IF nobody leaves, to prevent a downgrade you need to time the key in the first place. And there are a TON of other things outside your control that cause that. Many more than leavers.

Which is the point I am trying to make.

And that is M+. Its what it is. You time some, you dont others. Deal with it.

It is infuriating. But is it the only thing? NO. Its not.

I wont leave instantly if someone does a mistake. But I will instantly leave if people start arguing. Or telling stuff in the chat like “dont play like that, play like so”… and be condescending, and/or sometimes borderline insulting.

Or if I see instantly if I will be for a LOOOONGGG time in that key I also leave.

No one said you should be forced to stay in a key if the timer has ended or maybe a certain boss was not completed in a % of the timer

But I see now why you are so defensive about it, you don’t want any changes to leavers not because it happens very rare but because you want to be able to do it

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A viable solution was given, join a community.

IF it’s 20% something is going wrong, people are massively underperforming or being toxic or something. People don’t leave for nothing and 1/5 I’d consider very high.

And yes, its mentioned relatively a lot. You know what isn’t mentioned a lot? The fact that theres upwards of a million keys run a week and only 2/3 people whining when someone leaves their key.

It’s miniscule in the grand scheme of things (but frustrating). The tools to fix it are in your hands, its a social problem, not one a system can magic away.

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My RIO and dungeon record sais otherwise. Im sorry.

Accuse me of something else when you have prof of it.

Im a healer. And if anyone starts to trash talk to me about something that was THEIR mistake (typical standing on fire and healer did not heal)… Its insta leave for me…

And it should be for you too… Even if its your own key…

And this happened 17 times in S3. So far in S4, 1 time.

There. Dejarous said it.

Your 10 keys with leavers are nothing compared to the 1M completed keys.

And the fact that they happen ONLY to you… should make you think a bit…

Well on other hand - if only common denominator between those groups is you then … Maybe you just dont know how to put together competent groups ?

Managing people is difficult :slight_smile: just liek recruiting competent "workers " :slight_smile:

You seems to have quite and ego though :wink:

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What am I accusing you of? You said it yourself