M+ leavers reduce their rating as punishment

I created “no leavers 19+ AV” premade and now its 16+ now

even though its written on the title, but after one wipe, some dumb idiot leaves, and what is most hilarious one who failed the mechanics is the one who leaves and ruin the experience for the rest of us

For the love of god, Please blizzard reduce rating for people who leave when key starts by 10 min at least so people think twice before breaking other people keys


The problem with any sort of system to simply punish leavers is they can circumvent it by closing the game to get a fake disconnect, or just going afk until the rest of the group gives up.

The obvious answer is making friends or joining a guild or keystone community on discord. I am not sure how much Blizzard can do without potential downsides for players who have a legitimate reason to leave. And before you start accusing me of being a leaver, I have left maybe 2-3 keys in total since M+ started in Legion, so I am not making this argument to help myself in any way.

Well like arena even if u get DCed your team lost the fight = losing rating points

this should be applied here, im sorry for ppl who fakes DCes but this should be applied


Arena is not the same as M+ though. Blizzard has stated multiple times in the past that as long as there is a chance for such a system to get abused, they won’t implement it.

Lets say I decide that I don’t want to finish a key. I know that if I leave I lose rating so instead I just afk until the others give up and disband. How would you prevent that? Some people suggested a voting system in a different thread, but that opens up for abuse. Lets say 4 guildies invite a random player for last spot and for any reason they decide they don’t like that person. So they vote the last player out with whatever system is in place, and that single player is now punished with lost rating.

Or if I join the worst group ever. I am in the dungeon for over an hour with no hope of completing it, but because I lose rating if I leave am I basically now a hostage in that group.

I understand that it sucks to have your key getting ruined, but I have yet to see a suggestion that works well in different scenarios.

Not sure about punishment but the key holder should definitely have some comfort if people leave their key. That’s what I would vote for 100%.

Top idea.

Now I’ll just play misdirect the evoker and ninja pull since I’m being held hostage.

Somebody had a leaver in his/her key :thinking:

The only advice I can give you is to not put any plus sign after the number in the title as people will think it will be a timed run (The only exception is a + before the number as this is without authenticator title and can’t be changed).
Also to “no leavers” choose from the drop down menue “Completion”. That way people will know for certain it will not be a timed run and you want the dungeon finished.
And the last thing is for you to be more picky. But this is the pug world so you can expect everything.

You add a vote system, so you can get to call a vote if you wanna give up the dungeon or not, if it is still timed, 4 out of 5 players vote yes… .you can leave without penalty, if less than 4 vote yes, you get a penalty, furthermore, when your key is out of time 2 out of 5 votes are required to leave a key without penalty. To add to this, once the team has 20 or 25 + deaths, you can leave without penalty, to avoid hostage taking, at least 50% of the deaths MUST be from other players, if the deaths are from the same player, it doesent work, to avoid sabotage or something like that. I dont know what punishment would be good, like make the player not be able to use group finder or any1 with him in group to use group finder, they can do mythic + with their guild/friends, but not over dungeon finder. Or, make them lose 1 weekly reward from m+ and have to farm it up again, or dunno, make it if you leave once you get 1 day no group finder, leave twice in a short period of time, 3 days no group finder + remove 1 reward and he has to do 5 more mythics to get it. And yes, the key isnt saved, its depleted, but the player is punished for sabotaging.


Problem I think is, that the content caters two types of customers. If we BL pull the first boss and we wipe, then someone leaves my key, I’m totally fine with that. If you seek to push m+, you kinda have to adapt to this. It’s nothing but waste of time pushing keys that are likely to fail, or will surely fail.

I get that some people try to push their key for a higher vault reward higher ilvl drops. Maybe a voluntary system to the side of this? Group leader could request, that you can’t leave the key until 15 minutes after the key is depleted or something? I would never ever join one of these, but if the demand is there, can’t see why two systems couldn’t co-exist?

Actually not a bad idea, if the leader clicks on the “Completion” option when creating a group, leavers are punished, if its beat timer… well still… had a guy leave my key after he died on first trash pack saying wtf is this pull and leaveas. If he was next to me at the time I would break his arms, legs, fingers and poke his eyes out, thas how much this thing frustrates me.

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You would break someone’s legs because of a game? You should check your priorities.

Also you are not a good tank if you just pull on the condition that you will survive this pack. Try to play BM monk and learn how a be good tank without being meta


Wonderful Idea! Instead of making the game more accessible and fun, punish people even harder, brilliant!

M+ PUGing would rot to hell following such things. The moment they introduce penalties for leaving a fiesta group, I’m out.

The difference is that a failing arena team will lose in a few minutes, while a failing m+ group can try for hours with no success until the group disbands.

Raider IO should add a leave percentage to the scoring that resets if you do not leave for a while. I would never invite leavers to my keys. Leavers ruins the progress of players that want to play keys to get loot from their own keys.

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They can’t track data that doesn’t exist.

I think Blizzard must do 3 things:

  • Remove the downgrade of the key if a player leaves or disconnects
    (I don’t care if people start leaving more)
  • Add a group vote to abandon the dungeon without the key being down graded.
  • Add a dungeon deserter debuff to the leaver/disconnect or kicked player
    (I don’t care why the person left)
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So I should be punished for leaving a group where 3 members (2 of the dps and the healer) don’t know the basic mechanics of the dungeon and even after being told how to deal with said mechanics, do not do so after multiple wipes.

Literally a CoS run yesterday, only me and the tank ended up alive at the end of each fight. We got up to the Felbound Enforcers before the 2nd boss and none of the other 3 group members made an attempt to dodge Fel Detonation, even after we’d explained it to them and told them what to do. Me and the tank both gave up after the healer body pulled an enforcer while we were fighting the previous miniboss.

Some groups are just meant to collapse and I don’t feel that there should be a punishment for leavers in any situation. Leavers are quite a rarity in my experience, like less than 5% of my M+ runs me or someone else has left.

Than God you can leave freely. I have no respect for people who completely ruin your gameplay experience already in the 1st 30 sec of the dungeon.

what do you wanna say? why would pulling so that tank dies be better?