M+ Season 4 is awful for casual players

Love never being able to gear because for some reason low keys are impossible to get into due to me needing to be 90 ilv over the rewards and also the fact the players leave after 1 death. Cant make my own keys because no one joins after about 30 minutes. had 1500 every season and i cant scrape 500 this season because the spike is ridiculous. spend my 3 hours after work sat in queues either being declined or getting no one

Its like this at the beginning of a new season, massive influx of players and so applicants just get drowned out.

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I’ll need to say this season is horrible to be a DPS or as u said u need to be a dps that Ques for a +2 and u are over 515 itlvl. Its actually ridicolous how this community is a bunch of i wanna be carried through a +2.
I would join a community ye.
Also creating ur own group for ur key the only role that is hard to get is a tank.

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i am a casual player and i got all my portals already.

casual means you dont nolife the game, not being terrible at the game.
it is easy to time 10s in 490 gear and now that many people are above 510, it is even easier.

just to say, i am very far away from my crest caps, so not playing all day

people always mistake casual with just being not good at the game.
if you are not good there is still lfr and heroics till you improve.
problem is most people dont see they are bad and dont want to improve

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Damn, they giving portals for +10’s now lol?

Saying how its “easy” to clear +10 is just you being dishonest.

Number of people capable of this is Tiny fraction of whole playerbase


+10 is what +20 used to be, yes.
nobody is doing +20 right now as that would equal a +30 in old system.

i didnt say it is easy. I just said it is very doable if you are not terrible at the game.
especially as a dps player you can get carried even in a +12 if you are mediocre.

point is, a casual can be good at the game.
a casual can also be bad and even a nolifer can be bad.

there is nothing super hard about the dungeons on +10. Nobody needs to press defensives to live and you also dont need top dps to manage to time it either.

doing mechanics to clear a boss you even have to do on a +2

They are doing +20’s, chinese group already timed it. So keys are not as hard as these people complain. Keys were much harder on DF S1 release, like Ruby Life Pools was nearly impossible but all that is nerfed down now.

Do you think its reasonable to look at what the best 5 people in the world currently have achieved and draw a general conclusion on it?

It’s pretty laughable if I’m honest.

“Top team has done a 20, can’t be that hard!” :man_facepalming:

No wonder you have to swap forum chars so often, its like everyone knows your others just say dumb rubbish 24/7 so you have to change.


No, but people will still be doing 30+ at the end of season so it is not as hard as you claim. Those are also not 5 best people as you stupidly claim, the Echo guys and Moadmoad team are better than them by a mile. It’s you who says stupid things and I have to sadly respond all the time , like claiming ‘you said +20’s are easy when only top group did that’ when I never mentioned that.

You must have miswrote, because I didn’t misread.

And I say stupid things? You’re the guy that wrote this…

in response to someone doing a 13 in s3. I’d be very wary about complaining people say stupid things, look in the mirror.

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He said ‘’+20s this season’’ at the time of s4 release so I don’t see anything stupid here. You just make big deal out of comments to try to shame or cancel someone. But people will still comment in forums things they wish like it or not.

They absolutely categorically will not. Ilvl and specific items are significantly more acquirable, there’s not much gear progression left and people already know the dungeons. The last major power spike is next week with the 3rd bullion and people are already 6-7 ilvl away from cap in week 3.

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Yeah but dungeon nerfs could also happen. I just think the Echo and China groups are too damn good, they will pull it off eventually.

They could but they seem wholly unnecessary given the current state of things. 10 ilvls of scaling on top of a 20 is more than the difference already between a 10 and a 20, and with fights like Wratheye and Emberon which have repeated phases / prio targets that sap the timer disproportionately I can’t see it happening.

Title will probably be in the 18-20 range.

there are way too many bosses that will one shot you through a def cd and e.g. 3rd boss in NO eould just randomly kill you with everh arrow.

you only need to watch brackenhide as that is the dungeon that you probably can live and it is only about killing the last boss totem effectively.
if i remember correctly bh was also thr highest dungeon in s1 and it is currently still the easiest from one shot boss crap

im not saying im bad, i work a full time job and dont have time to sit in queues for hours upon hours just to lose my +4 to a tank that overpulls and insta leaves. dont get me wrong the difficulty is fine when the group arent morons and i like to be punished for making mistakes but to the point where im one shot through a def CD is a bit much no?

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Yeah, I don’t like this season either. I’m 503 and +2 are still stressful. Gotta try +3 next week.

currently at 675 and of the 4 keys ive managed to clear ive had about 11 failed ones with leavers