M+ Tormented Hero Title Score Updated Daily

In this post, we’ll update the score required to earn the Tormented Hero title for Shadowlands Season 2. As a reminder, the title will go to all players who end Shadowlands Mythic+ Season 2 with a Mythic+ Rating in the top 0.1% for your faction in each region.

Updated 29 March

In this region, if Season 2 ended today, the title would go to those who scored at least:

  • 2788 (Alliance)
  • 2875 (Horde)

Good luck!


May I ask, is this the only reason to go above +15? Because that seems like a lot of work for a title nobody is going to even look at or remember they have?

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The reason to go above +15 is the challenge and the fun. On +20 you can gain direct portals to the dungeons too.


I think you’re assuming everyone has the same attitude as you. Plenty of people see the challenge in running higher than +15 and care about portals (I only have 1 and want a few more before the season end).

In this case the content drought is irrelevant - there are players who will be running 15+ from the start of the season and be KSM in two weeks. 8 months just means the they push further and that the M+ system has always been like that since it’s introduction in Legion (when there wasn’t any content droughts)


Don’t waste your breath on this low level troll, person clearly has no idea what they’re talking about.


But then you’re assuming that everyone wants to just push keys over and over and over.

Justifying a content drought because some players enjoy repeating the same content over and over for months on end with a Title, is pretty poor imo.

Sure I appreciate there are players who enjoy doing that. But don’t make everyone else suffer because you want 8 months to get a title.

Sorry you think I’m a troll for playing the game differently to you.

I know what I’m talking about, it just doesn’t fit your story.

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is this score already after evaluation of wrongly (after JAN18th) transferred characters?

There is a big middleground between “some” and “everyone”. It are at least thousands upon thousands players. I am myself way beyond the +15s with pushing 21-22, and my char is ranked ~55 thousand. No it is not “everyone”, but no it is also not just “some”.

And of course the length of a season is irrelevant for a top % title. The existence of the title is letting nobody suffer. Nobody asked for 8-9 month-seasons.

I respect that.

But referencing another topic we were just talking in. When I stated I didn’t want to push beyond +15. You brought up how there were 25 new Mounts and lots of achievements. Which I guess is fine for the casual player.

But Blizz seem to be doing a lot for the Casual Player that wants to collect stuff and do achievements, and then lots for the hardcore player that wants to push high end keys, PVP and Mythic raiding…

Where is the middle ground, for the players that fall in the middle. It seems to be all or nothing.

What content does those players want to do? Since M+ has always their own level. There are different difficulties for the raid too. And PvP has ratings. Then we got open world content next to it for professions, pets, achievements, rares, mounts, etc.

But the open world content is a mere shadow of what it has been in the past. There is no depth to it. There is very little engaging storyline. The leveling experience was destroyed in Shadowlands and Threads of Fate. Sure it works for some players. But it has lost a lot for the others. What I loved in BFA and previous expansions was being able to pick 1 zone and level 110-120 in it by exploring the zone and enjoying the quest lines. Shadowlands took that away.

What the middle ground players want is a game with variety. Something where they can work towards the end point (i.e +15 or killing the last boss of the raid), and then have enough to do that they don’t feel the need to go further than necessary.

Sure the M+ and PVP is great in Shadowlands, but it’s at the cost of the rest of the game. Everything else is pretty dire in Shadowlands.

But leveling is something of a couple of days. A normal season of 6 months is not getting kept alive with a different leveling route. Allthough currently you can choose as 2nd char and further for freedom with threads of fate and choose and explore a whole zone.
Also don’t forget there are in every zone next to the campaign-route a lot of sidestories/quests to explore.

I just don’t know which content is taken away. That is why i ask.

Dude, they added a title for the top 0.1% why are you acting like adding a single title took resources away from other areas of the game??

But it’s about Variety in the game. Okay, levelling through a zone might be a couple of days work… but it was an option. There was always plenty of things to be getting on with.

Unfortunately, Threads of Fate is the only real option in Shadowlands. Or you’re just repeating the same single Campaign quest line over and over.

Threads of fate is just a few WQ’s, bonus objectives or spamming dungeons over and over.

The bonus quest lines in Shadowlands are a mere shadow of what was available in previous expansions. You could get lost for hours exploring the zones, indulging in the storylines, unlocking the secrets. Shadowlands just doesn’t have any of that… at all really.

I have never in my entire time playing WoW felt like I’ve had so little to do. When I’m around to play, I’m just logging in for my 10 +15 keys for my vault.

Yes, 9.2 is out in a weeks time and there is something fresh to get along with for a while. But that’s not going to last another 8months or more until the next content patch comes out.

Why are you acting like it didn’t? Those resources need to come from somewhere. When I see the rest of the game failing and the 0.1% getting rewarded, you need to start questioning the motives.

i would more ignore all the good things happening, and more try to get a discussion about the things you do not like, or where the game is failing. The title is not something that is failing.

I myself had the impression Korthia had tons of secrets to find and explore. Everytime there was something new to find out. Korthia got showered under the stupid rep-grind, but it looked amazing for the open world player. And costed also way more resources than a title for the top 0.1%.

It is for me the same thing with torghast. It would have been fun side content when it was not the mandatory grind for legendaries. I have done so much of that crap that i do not want to get ever again in there. I had a free day saturday, thought about continuing the NF-campaign. Logged in my resto druid and saw i was 2/9 campaign with next save tyrande in torghast. I instant logged off. Good content is getting destroyed by making it a mandatory grind.

Korthia wasn’t really interesting enough to be engaging. It was more of a chore than anything, and the storyline was pretty dire. And the end reward from the achievements were just a recolour of something you could get from somewhere else. not really worth the hassle.

It wasn’t like Nazjatar for example, with an engaging storyline, unique rewards and some kind of feeling of progression as you worked through it.

But even Nazjatar paled in comparison to working through Drustvar (as an example) as a levelling zone. And there are no zones in Shadowlands anything like Drustvar or any of the BFA, Legion, MoP or zones from any previous expansions.

What Blizzard have focused on in Shadowlands is working towards the 0.1% of players who just want to repeat the same 8 dungeons over and over again… and don’t get me wrong, as someone who go KSMs1 pre Dungeons Nerf, those Dungeons are great!

It’s sad to admit though, I’m starting to think that it’s those 0.1% who are the only ones left playing the game at the moment.

Yes, it’s the mandatory content which is killing this game. I’m sure I would still be running Torghast if it weren’t mandatory in the start. But it became something I detested because it was forced upon me.

As I said, I like that Threads of Fate is an option… .but unfortunately, the way they designed the levelling experience in Shadowlands… it became the only option… hence… Mandatory.

That is the thing, blizzard has done way less for M+ than in previous expansions. The last thing blizzard is doing is focussing on it. You can also see it with the tiersets that are coming up and the class changes with them. Blizzard cares about raiding. M+ is something nasty in their stomach. We also got only 8 dungeons. The least of all the previous expansions.

Yes, but they are easily the 8 best designed dungeons since M+ was released. And I say that as a player who got KSM S1 before any nerfs.

Edit… actually, I will say the most In Depth designed dungeons.

I would rather see more Freeholds personally, but I certainly enjoyed the depth when working through the the first time.