Mages are apparently Fine

Considering we see no changes in 10.2, i guesss its just okay that catching an arcane mage or even trying to go on them is a no no, they should just be allowed to do whatever they want, going on arcane = maybe stopping polly and all the cc but ure gonna lose out on 90% of ur dmg if ure melee so is it worth it, prob not.

Displacement and altar are such jokes its surreal. Sure u could technically purge altar, but thats just RNG and then u would obviously need to have someone with purge and if theres lets say a rdruid healing the mage is literally 1 in 10 chance u get it not counting mage buffs.

Something has to give, i get not having alot of uptime on mages but this is absurd, im literally having less than 20% uptime playing blademasters torment because as soon as i charge they literally blink the root and i sit there like a joke. Get ur colossus off on mage oh bad luck because u wont get any value out of it because they can knock, root, blink everything u have.

The changes to warrior in 10.2 wont fix any of this btw. Using 3mcd rally for 1 freedom that ull get reslowed or rooted on, ur piercing howl root can be blinked same as charge, 2x intervene, i mean wasting 2 intervene just to connect for 3 globals and then needing the person u intervene be close to the mage aswell like nah, its gonna be the same thing.

I cant be alone thinking this is dumb, especially arcane, i have better success into frost somehow, prob because they mostly need to stand and cast not arcane running around doing missles and knocking u with an orb on ur charge, but i could still get novad on charge so w/e.

Point being, i get having counters but this is really extreme, its literally unplayable unless ure maybe DH/Outlaw, maybe ret if they dont insta spellsteal ur freedom lmao. Unholy does decent into it but i wouldnt call it insane by any means u still have to festerstrike to burst wounds, try grip when they insta blink it and they have more blinks than u have grips btw. Realistically playing wraith walk isnt really that insane of a choice because u would lose 40 yard grip or lichborne dmg reduction aswell.

Anyways tell me if im not tripping, but it creates an incredibly unfun matchup whenever i see mages in arena, they were always bad but never this bad, and its not really only unique to warrior it feels similar on all my alts aswell besides DK to an extent.

WW parry first for example has always been kek anoying and dumb, but we all can tolerate some stuff ofc, its just different when someone becomes literally a 0 chance of winning target, reminisent of outlaw in SL, incredibly boring.


Something has to be done …

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They prob wont do anything, its fine arcane mages and fire mages running around doing insane dmg.

Fire mages literally run around all game blink every global ring of fire once in a while and ignite ticking for 50k a passive dot, intuative gameplay.

The class has serious issues if the mobillity doesnt need any thought whatsoever. I mean they could blink 5 times within 10 seconds and still not die, it doesnt really matter what they press.


This goes for warriors as well, though.

Six gapclosers is a bit much. It’s the reason why I have 5 blinks.


There isnt 6 gap closers w/u mean. Theres 2 charges on a higher cd than ur blinks. 1 leap on 45 second cd same as displacement, ontop of it u have nova, fire blast, altar to blink aswell.

ure tipping on too much copium

I mean technically u can count intervene but like i said that would require a melee that would need to be on the mage and its mostly used defensively.

We could do rock paper scissors and mage would always win by a mile if u trade cooldown for cooldown, u can check both classes and ull see it.

Im honestly surprised we see someone at all defending it, but i guess its hard to see if u use altar, double blink into a wall and blastwave nothing. U would need to mess up massively to ever lose to a warrior unless theres maybe an ele/mm in the lobby.

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Shimmer - 21 sec cd.
Charge - 17 sec cd.

30 sec cd.
“But those are talents that reduce cd”
Yes, and theres a talent that reduces CD on shimmer otherwise its 25sec vs 20sec.

I understand your way of arguing, but atleast be honest with the CD.

And congratz, after finally getting big buffs you have an easy time climbing :+1:
But keep on calling out the specs you have a hard time facing to get them nerfed so you can faceroll up :+1:



If we go that way; you have hamstring, intimidating shout, piercing howl, intervene and stormbolt, on top of 2 charges and leap. And you’re CC immune with using bayblade simulator.

At least be fair when you compare abilities.

You mean 15k-20k.

Do you always lie or is it just today?


Read what I wrote instead of making a wall of text that had nothing to do with it.
Its also well known you only make posts of things that counters you, which you want nerfed so they are on the verge of deletion, so you can climb higher with less effort.

You got big buffs so you could climb easier with barely any issues and finally have the +winrate. But you believe its not enough and want more nerfs so theres less countering you.

He always makes things up with CD timers. Its his way of “comparing” and its extremely disingenuous.
He always talks about everything someone else have, but always ignore everything arms have.
He always talk about “what specs can use to counter” but always fail to talk about his own.

U can literally walk out of bladestorm not that the noodle dmg is intimdating at all, hamstring is melee abillity. Not that slows do anything to mage because u dont actually need to run just blink. Also its literally negated by me being slowed. I hamstring, u use slow thats ranged on me.
Ure literally so delusional. Prob why u hide ur profile so i wont see that u play mage at 1600 where warriors are actually hard to kite because u dont know how to use ur abilities am i rite?

Stormbolt lmao, why would u not play blink instead of shimmer xD. U literally stated a obvious counter and put it forward like its smthn fair.

Here u go Ignite 56k
https:// imgur. com/a/ KR6UTLM

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A warrior has no right to criticize any class in terms of mobility.


The craziest thing about mage being so tanky is that you literally have to go mage, otherwise he free ccs your team and does unhealable damage, so you lose anyway. It’s one of those situations where any decision you make is bad, there is no other class as nasty in the game right now. I would pick anything else in a lobby except a good mage.

DISCLAIMER: its my opinion as a Meele player without purge, OFC if you play MM or Enha you will have a vastly different experience.



As a mage you can’t “tank” any melee class.

Tanky doesnt mean stand still and just let them hit u lmao.

A sub rogue not using vanish is not “tanky” but if he uses it hes “tanky” see the difference.

He prob meant access to tools making it tanky.

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“Tanky” means “the ability to take x damage without dying from it.”

By your definition, me not being logged into the game also makes me tanky.



idk as much as i dislike the buffs wars got i would like see people who flame other or argue about pvp atleast play the game

Ehhh that and a bit more, you’re both right. An Arcane Mage for example is extremely tanky against casters because of Temporal, Alter, Prismatic Shield + Shifting Power. If an Arcane Mage didn’t use those abilities it would flop, but because they do + they’re so frequently available, Arcane becomes extremely tanky vs casters.


Mages are but merely a symptom of the disease plaguing wow pvp, the damage output is far too high, cc doesn’t last long enough or isn’t meaningful enough.


who would guessed game were better with less but meaningful cc instead dozen of everything and knockbacks

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The ability to avoid a lot of damage can considered to be tanky and that is the case for mages, especially versus any kind of melee.

But to be fair, I don’t get why of all things a warrior is crying about it. If anything, the whole community has the right to cry about 10.2 warrior mobility changes which are so absurd, destroying any other melee spec, except of rogues.

Seems like, the devs want SL season 4 back. Not that the game, especially PvP, is already nearly dead!

And when was that? When were the times with meaningful cc? I can remember expansions where names like “god comp” were given for a reason!

Micro ccs can be extremely annoying and I also don’t get, why so many knockbacks are around these days, but cc was never meaningful in the past, at least for classes with spamable cc or just tiny cds on it. Most of them were spammed on DR!