Maintenance Schedule Changed -- 15 January

Really its 2020 and you still need 8 hours to update a bloody game. Its a complete waste of time when other games can update their game in 5 minutes and you back in.


Unexpected issue, and you think nobody else has those?

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What other games ? I can name plenty of games with way worse hour count.Like the ones by Zenimax and Bethesda; and few others.

Also when you are as good as they are, apply - they’d gladly hire a prodigy.


I wonder what the issue is.

N’zoth corrupted the data. :eyes::octopus:


Oh my god, i have Homeoffice tomorrow. #rip :sob:

Dayum, it is 8:00 AM / 4:00 PM for me.

I get home at 1:20 pm. Make it happen :wink:

I guess I don’t get to skip school for WoW now :neutral_face:


Perhabs you should apply for a job there since you know it all. Typical armchair expert.

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Burst out laughing. Good one!

I’m seeing too many people in this thread that need to look for a job. Come on guys… everyone is doing it these days, getting a job is the new fad!

Too Soon™??
Runs off giggling


When I was young, I dreamt marrying gary oldman.


I work in home, my job is drawing. Or that what i keep telling myself. Most time it is about me, coffee and waking up week before deadline and running around room screaming in gutterspeak.


What does gutter speak sound like?

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Incoherent mumbling in tongues.

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5th Element is still my all time favorite movie and still holding its top position after seeing the latest Star Wars :grin: And I like Gary Oldman too, fine actor he is


True fact, Gary Oldman’s neice used to work for me at Tesco many many years ago.


This guy is not from this world. Thanks to him I did also learn mimicking accents and he really is fine actor. Not like many of the hyped ‘quota’ based actors in modern days.

Dracula, 5th element, true love, track 29 and so on… this guy doesnt have bad performances.

Now where were we… ah yes, the maintenance. I think I’ll watch Oldman films during it !

So you are doing 8 hours breake! And when WoD was comming you cannot put off servers for 2 hours? And you are doing this in middle of day;/