The game is 19 years old and Blizzard needs to do maintenance twice a week. WTF is going on?

The technology just isn’t there yet


So, uh, servers coming back soon or what?

I can t find any advise on shutdown today…

It’s supposed to be for an hour …

Time for a cup of tea.

servers are runing on a nokia 3310 or something ? do you guys want us to pay u a couple of more bilions to finaly buy ur selfs a legit servers ? For runing this game 20 years subscriptions you should have servers from another planet no ?

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We should have our classsic megaserver, tbc and wotlk megaservers too.

We shouldn’t have to pay for clones and they should never be separated.

Blizzard thinks this game is GTA but it’s world of Warcraft. We spend hours, days months or some years to collect our stuff and we did it again for them rerelease their gta 3 and erase our progress.

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