Make comdemn Physical damage

It would INSTANTLY fix the ability


Only thing that would help is for BoP.

If youre not wearing plate then that would still be irrelevant considering how high Execute hits in the first place.


Nope. All wearers would have a fair amount of damage reduction attached to it. It would hit less than Execute then but at the cost you get more mobility. Warlocks and Plate wearers would instantly counter it.


I dont think you realize how hard execute hits in PvP. :rofl:

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Yep Execute does more Dmg on cloth/leather than Condemn on mail/plates.
The problem is 1) the sometimes insane number of Condemn you can do back to back and 2) Death Sentence. Dmg is fine.


Condem dmg fine? Looool instant spam ability 15k crits yeh dmg is fine


That’s because you aren’t Max lvl yet, when you reach lvl 60 and do pvp you will see that condemn does between 4-6k unless it crits or warrior is bursting.

If it was 15k every single condemn it would indeed deserve a dmg nerf.

Max level? You blind or what?

Oh you are max level indeed ! Sorry about that.
Then you are either clueless or dishonest, either way I wish you a good day.


It would not help with things like Death Sentence and Sudden death.

as soon as they fix Ret doing 40k dmg in 2 seconds, sure. Oh, we are not allowed to talk about that?


Blockquote Warlocks and Plate wearers would instantly counter it.

what expansion are you playin???


This mentality needs to change, Rets bursting a lot does not excuse Condemn dmg + Mobility. There’s a lot wrong with the game currently, and it should all be addressed.


tech speaking you’ll suffer more as a dk if condemn is physical XD since your magic shell would be useless.

True that. For my 221 and 29% Vers Ret condemn hits for 4-6k, noncrits.
Honestly, the best fix to it would be just so it can’t crit, so things like 40%-0%hp would not happen in a click of a button.

Or better yet, bring back crit to 150% and solve Final Verdict, Condemn, Convoke, Combust, Dagger in the Dark, etc. All at once.

Idk what was Blizz thinking when they brought crit dmg to 175% AND increased the potency of the best pvp stat by 40%.


I mean, Final Verdict is wierd. Feels like it’s not a spell that should crit but just have baseline damage done.

Yes, Blizzard addressed it by buffing it with another 15%. Me as a warrior, I have to stand toe to toe with a ret, while being hit by 3 x 9k judgements and 17k final verdicts. Almost all of ret damage is longer range then me, up to 30 yds from what i hear. So nerfing condemn would end any chances of me being able to force them defensive. No thanks.
Also 17k convoke starsurges are still a thing.

Sub 1500 warrior defending his undeniably overpowered class

Yup, seems like nothing has changed since last time I checked the forums

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Making Condemn phys dmg would quite literally mean having no covenant would be better than Condemn