Make Deadly Poison permanent


Is there any particular reason why Deadly Poison only lasts 1hr? Can we not just leave it toggle-on, but remove the timer and allow it to stay on until the player disables it themselves?

It’s quite annoying having to check every once in a while that it’s still on when most players don’t play without it anyway. Is there even any reason to play an Assassin Rogue without Deadly Poison toggled on?


shoo… go play pokemon


I’m asking to have an arbitrary timer removed and you tell me to go play pokemon? Great response. You’re so cool and edgy.


o cmon… the real poison lasts only 40 hits… why don’t you go find the i-win button?


Please, just stop.

Tedious, doesn’t mean skillful. I win button, gtfo with that bs.


I would be happy with a permanent deadly/crippling/wound poison. And while we’re at it how about a different weapon glow for each one?


It wasn’t referring to you. By the wording it should have been pretty obvious.


Sorry, my bad. Deleted the response.


Since when does it only last 40 hits? Where are you getting this from? It used to be the case before, but not anymore. Do you even play rogue?

You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about, so maybe keep quiet and stop insulting other people. Right now it’s just a tedious button you have to click every hour. There’s no reason not to just make it a permanent buff that you can toggle on and off at will.