Maximum Realm Capacity Increased – 28 August


This is all well and good, but no mention of a server restart better mean you can implemnent this without doing one otherwise this is BS


So you throttled everyone for as long as possible to even out the servers, even though you could have done this all along, interesting. What would have been nice is if you had done the research on expected playerbase in the first place and rolled out the servers all together, What did you roll out again? TWO english pvp servers? TWO?


I am still in queue right now from 12 am and i have 4k players ahead of me.

Where is the fix? When is it comming?


firemaw is still 14k queue


Realm still full (PvE Realm) still a Q for 2 hours think i will just cancel Subscription


Nice idea, do it


Can we have this like right now please so we can get in… now :smiley:


So that will work just to reduce the time that we spend in queue…


Did you increase it ? Because I’m on queue like 7 hour now and still 7.5k people ahead of me ?


When is this going to be implimented?


I can see queues going down at regular spikes, 500 positions this last minute.


Yay, I’m in queue for only 3 hours!


thxxxxx i wait whole day for some news :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:

(Kaltuck) #34

Please do since you’re to daft to understand that they wrote this 5 mins ago and it doesen’t happen with the snap of a finger


Gehennas needs like a billion more ppl nobody wants to reroll k thx


yaay amazing, thanks blizz!

(Brutals) #37

Ive just jumped 1k, Get ready for some handjobs


from having a 2 hour queue yesterday to a 4 hour queue today, this bring a little bit of joy to me. Even tho i had to not join the realm i wanted to but was not going to suffer 10+ hour queues


How long does the implantation take? Much love


Fantastic news thank you