MDI Season 1 Global Champions!

MDI Season 1 Global Champions!

The MDI Season 1 has finished with Echo securing their spot as the new Global Champions!

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Congratulations to the winners! Very interesting routes :slight_smile:



The flagship of wow and it offers $150k for the winner split between 5 people. Thats like ÂŁ20k. The amount they practice its probably less than minimum wage.

This tournament really needs a revamp. It’s tired and boring to watch the same tank and same healer and mostly the same dps 99% of the time.


I love how it says “new global champions” instead of “returning global champions”

Would be a lot more interesting to watch MDI if each game the team had to play random (computer drawn) classes/specs. Ofc both teams had to play the same comp.


Its like 24.791,60 euros each. Ive done /5.
but they have to pay tax aswell i think

In other words, not that big money for the time they put in.

Also, super boring to watch. Its like i watched the repeat vids because of all the same classes over and over

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lol double post

Eh well, a mere ±200k views per day. Not sure what else to expect there.

They really have to get rid of the predictability and thus prep time. The prizes won’t go up with these viewers-counts.

Deserved. Congrats

Or the same classes but off meta specs and see if it can actually be done with that comp that would be interesting and not seeing the same meta comp to add toxicity to the community.

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200k? According twitchmetric WoW has avg. 38k viewers per day.

Well their yt streams had 200k within a day.

Also remember the streams are in multiple languages so the view count should be higher by adding all together.

With MDI out of the way, can we talk about balancing classes before 9.1?

Some of us would prefer not to wait another 4 months…

4 cups + 1 global. Let’s say each cup and global is 11 days of time trials + practice + competition playing 16 hours per day. That’s a total of 880 hours or $34/hr. It’s definitely above minimum wage.

That’s not counting prizes from the 4 cups (I think it was $8K per team for first place), revenue from their streams and youtube channels since they streamed some practice, time trials and POVs for some cup matches, and also money from their sponsor whom they thanked in the interview after the tournament.

MDI is actually financially rewarding for the winners and may be for second place. The problem is that it’s not worth it financially for the other teams.

Considering the tournament brought

I agree. It needs to be more interesting for the viewers and more rewarding for the players (specially teams that aren’t amount the top 3).

Its like 6,40$ per person, per hour. Not above average if u ask me.

Not before The Great Push. And by then it’s too close to the patch prob. So nup.

Dagnabbit :pouting_cat:

If I didn’t know better, I’d think Blizz was more committed to the esports nobody asked for than they are to producing a good, interesting, and fair game…

I am going to predict right now that the Great Push will add very little. The setups will be as stale as now. There will be some variety at first, because that’s the first time this format will be tried, but it will quickly settle down to the slightly different set of fotm combos. Same for viewers, at first there will be some newness in how the runs look, but all novelty will evaporate quickly and then it’s going to be as boring as the current MDI. There will be some increase in viewers initially so Blizzard will undoubtedly report great success. Except it won’t last.