MDI Shadowlands: Season 2 is Ready to Break New Ground

MDI Shadowlands: Season 2 is Ready to Break New Ground

Beginning August 18, the Mythic Dungeon International returns for Shadowlands: Season 2 with a new format, only on YouTube!

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i wont be there to play it. make a better game with less focus on this stuff please.


I sleep.

Fix your game


This is what blizz balancing the gearing and gameplay systems for.


Give us skirts, crop tops and heels. Nobody cares about this.


Ah, yes. MDI, the thing nobody asked for and the thing that you want to promote in the game while having 5k viewers (lol).

Are those 5k viewers on Twitch really worth you trying to make WoW an esports game? Are you really selling us “content” by making these meaningless tournaments in which 0.0001% of the playerbase participates and 1% gives a damn?

The moment you stop making World of Warcraft transition to World of Instancecraft is when you will maybe start beating FFIVX again. Fix your world and remove sharding/layering. It’s the sole reason people play classic.

Until then, this ship seems to be sinking big time.


Stop the e-sports nonsense; it’s ruining what’s supposed to be an MMORPG.


Tune in to see which


wins. :slight_smile:

I made the exact same joke last MDI. It still applies. Snooze fest.


fixing most issues that have been in the game for years would require them to make major reworks of the game or add aspects that scare away large chunks of the player base.
contrary to popular belief devs are not dumb, but their hands are tied by corporate interests

Stop with the E-sports nonsense , no one cares and its cringy metafest


Wonder how many Necrolords they plan to feature in this e-sport. Wait, they will need a whole new tournaments for Necrolords only as otherwise none will play their worst covenant.

MDI sure must be profitable.

omg, who the hell cares? like 5k people watch it. start working on some content, or educate your employees about how to behave online how about that?


Athena knows what is the real deal.

If you cared about m+ the domination gems wouldn’t work in it, or there would be a way to get them in m+. This is hypocricy.


Wish it could be separated from the main game.
Mythic+ servers or something.

They shoved so much from Diablo3 into this game that I barely recognise it anymore :cry:

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Would be fun to watch for some matches :slight_smile:

Everyone who does not care can also just not care to post in this topic. I also don’t post in pvp-topics. Haters will be haters.

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Go with the times, it’s bear, hpal, mage, shammy, druid now.

This. I have watched every MDI so far, and enjoyed most of it. The format changes will make it better, as it allows more people to participate. Happy that they learned that from The Great Push (which was also awesome, by the way, save for the plaguefall spam the last day - but they fixed that too post-tournament, so good job!).

It is certainly not for everyone, and that’s fine. You don’t have to watch it.

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So basically:

Same Same. But different. But same.

Season 2 of what exactly? Same exact dungeons with one different affix? to grind over? Only this time, you’re forced to do both fortified and tyrannical? Wow. now that’s interesting.

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Hey that’s still 3/5! :stuck_out_tongue: Passing grade.