Mecha gnomes instead of sethrak as an allied race while horde goes with vulpera?


Just saying but if you really pull this off then there will be a blood bath of a backlash.

(Daltor) #2

Especially considering that Vulpera are all but confirmed now.
Judging by the amount of customisation for junk gnomes, it is looking that way…

(Jito) #3

I’m not sure why the Sethrak are being thought of as a race that leans toward the Alliance.

(Dreamkore) #4

Deus ex machina gnomes > scuffed inflatable tubeman looking snakes

in my opinion

(Daltor) #5

Horde getting Vulpera.

Alliance saving Vorrick from dying of poison.
The empire structure of the Sethrak is more akin to Alliance structure of monarchy.

Very small points that the Alliance took and just ran with.


Because their war campaign in vol literally starts with helping a sethrak faction?
Because there were 2 unique races presented in this expansion and since vulpera is going for the horde, it seems only rational to think that sethrak will be alliance?
Because nobody thought blizzard would be genius enough to copy paste an already existing race only with a handicapped version of itself?

Its almost self evident to say that sethrak were planned as an allied race, not sure which side, but they were. Along the lines however blizzard seems to have slowly and carefully abandoned the prospect of writing them into the story.
They wrote vulpera into it on the horde side.
They didnt write sethrak in on the alliance side.

And you know what i dont even care really, but if this is actually the case, then this is insulting. Its literally like being punched in the gut.
Who the ever loving hell thinks that it would be fine to give one side an unique race and then throw a copy paste already existing race to the other, except its handicapped now.

Gnomes in a wheel chair, stick legs and what not.
Its so out of touch, so unhinged, so blizzard once again that i just cant contain my utter shock about it.
The exact same, classic, tone deaf, out of touch bs making its round again, saying “hi we are still the same company who has no idea about its playerbase”.

(Jito) #7

But if you play through Vol’dun on both Alliance and Horde, it’s definitely Horde that gets the lion’s share of the Sethrak interaction.
The Alliance does one very important act – saving Vorrick – but it’s the Horde that gets entangled into the storyline in depth.

(Steala) #8

Oh no, that would mean that the Horde would get a “cute” race and the alliance get freaks. What’s your problem with that?


Yeah, agreed there. However im not the one who writes the story.
The potential was there. They went ahead with it on one side, they didnt on the other.

I have no problem whatsoever with the horde getting a “cute” race.
I have a problem with the alliance not getting a race at all, cause the suggestion that limb prosthetic create new races is unhinged. Its copy paste gnomes with prosthetics.
If you ship that alongside with vulpera, there will be a bloodbath. Thats not an opinion, thats not a threat, thats not future telling or anything, thats a simple, selfevident fact.

If you give one side a completely unique race and then you insult the other with prostethics copy paste, then there will be a backlash.
The only people who would not understand this would be probably only the kings of being tone deaf: Blizzard.

Im just saying that this will by definition create a backlash.

(Moritz) #10

I actually quite like those gnomes while I think the sethrak are ugly and would never touch one.

(Mellisandrae) #11

Is this all confirmed? Last thing I heard was Vulpera were rumoured to be another neutral race and that’s about it and I’m pretty sure ion said in the last live Q&A they havn’t any plans for any more allied races at the mo


I’d like Ankoen (which are basically Jinyu v.2) to be AR, but they kinda confirmed that there are too few of them, so the only thing they are doing now is killing Naga and their allies. Still would be nice to have aquatic race :slight_smile: (since Naga just won’t happen)

I am not a fan of Mechagnomes myself, but I would not mind them that much, it is just that there are more options, even in this expansion: Sethrak or Ankoen. I love furbolgs, though I can’t see them becoming AR, although with Horde ravaging NE lands and killing many furbolgs, they have good reasons to join the Alliance through Night elves. (+they have other reasons from the past)


They have their Oktoberfest (I can’t remember WoW equivalent sry XD ) icon in the PTR build + they are quite ready in other terms.

(Moritz) #14

storywise Vulpera make most sense as a horde race and from watching Bellulars video they have a brewfest icon in the PTR (or something like that) highly indicating them as being a playable race.
And we know we aren’t done with allied races this expansion.

(Tahra) #15

I like Mechagnomes a lot more than Sethrak. Just sayin’.

(Moritz) #16

I stand with you, gnome sized giant


I’d choose Sethrak over Mechagnomes any time. It was surprising to me, that quite some people would rather have Mechagnomes.

(Madorin) #18

To be honest that would be fair when you consider that the Alliance got pretty much a new race in the kul tirans. Which I mean that they have an entirely new model while the Zandalari are a reused model.


I have to agree with the OP. He is kinda right, we got a human allied race, dwarf allied race.

Horde got troll allied race and Orc allied race.

Yeah Kul Tirans are different models/bodies blababla but they are humans.

So basically both factions got a “reskin” of their races, however getting Vulpera would be getting a new race even if it has the same body structure as goblins.

Why would we get gnomes with robotic skin? They are gnomes with metal on their bodies!

That is crap! I want a new race, different from the existing ones!


Zandalari might use skeleton/rig of Night elf, but their model is completely unique and I bet that they invested same time in creating both Kul Tirans and Zandalari.