Mecha gnomes instead of sethrak as an allied race while horde goes with vulpera?

(Mellisandrae) #21

I still personally hope for the Vulpera to be neutral, yes lore wise they are more suited for horde but apperence wise not so much, like pandas.

But we are just gonna have to wait and see I just hope alliance finally get a nice looking allied race to make up for the fat humans.

I really hope mechagnomes don’t become an allied race and become more an apperence option like the night warrior skin for nelfs there are so many better races to choose from then mechagnomes.

(Tahra) #22

Funny story. I have changed back to a gnome. Of course the forum doesn’t know this yet. So this is now a very weird situation.


(Madorin) #23

No they didn’t. Ion outright stated that Zandalari were planned for the beginning of the expansion and had to be delayed because of how long it took to get the Kul Tiran models done. Kul Tirans are the only Allied Race with a completely new skeleton and rig.


kul tirans humans, mechagnomes looks like alliance still gets the joke races

(Tahra) #25

Says the cow.



I might be wrong about this, but I had similar discussion on the old forum, where some players stated that the rig is based on pandaren, so not entirely unique + the thing they were delayed does not mean that they spent less time on making Zandalari.

(Moritz) #27

Don’t get me wrong, I changed from Horde to alliance and do not want to change back.
But I love the Vulpera so might have to if they are a Horde race.

But I think realistically they are Horde and Alliance get Gnomes.

KT are far more unique than the Zan.
Plus who says it wont happen later.
And who says it needs to be equal and not just what makes sense for the dev team?
I would be more than happy to get a race that I feel belongs as a playable alliance race than one that struggles to be a playable model just because the alliance got one.

So you’re a giant, the size of a gnome, that is secretly a gnome?
Reminds me somewhat of that quest where a gnome is disguised as a goblin by wearing a crappy mask XD


Guess your toon looks like cow aswell


And yet thay have the least amount of reasons (hm none XD ) to have such unique models, but they are good.

(Tahra) #30
  1. How rude.
  2. The portrait on the forum is not actually representative of my character’s appearance. Spoiler: I’m a gnome.
  3. So if I were a cow, I’d be…


Gnoren as next AR?! XD

(Moritz) #32

Oh the cow in the meadow goes moo.
Oh the cow in the meadow goes moo.
Then the farmer hits him on the head and grinds him up,
And thats how we get hamburgers.

(Moritz) #33

The art team felt they needed them.
And thats good enough reason for me.
Thats all I want from the team. Not thinking “one team has this so the other gets that”. Just simple “this would be good for this faction”


From lore perspective it does not give any sense to have these nearly half-Vrykul humans, so that is the flaw I cannot get over with, but I speak only for myself.

(Mellisandrae) #35

Also I’ve just watched belluars video and he only mentions one brewfest icon the Vulpera one that’s been added, now blizz always make the allied races in pairs ion confirmed it ages ago and they updated the previous icons in pairs they wouldn’t just put one icon in if it’s partner race wasnt developed or at the same state of readiness. So I would not be at all surprised if these little furry dudes and dudets are neutral.

(Izila) #36

Horde also decimates an entire Sethrak tribe in Nazmir iirc. Don’t think Alliance does something similar.


The Horde partner up with some pirates when setting up their foothold in Tirisgarde Sound - Why do the Horde not get Kul Tirans?

(Madorin) #38

Yeah and that’s probably why they also added customization options for the Mechagnomes in 8.2


They are outlaws, who would help anyone who would offer them money? + they are not a nation nor race.

(Madorin) #40

Those Sethrak were misguided. The Horde saves the Sethrak Loa. Don’t think Alliance does something similar.