Mercenary PvP Mode should be removed from game to create true faction balance


Important forenote: I have been silenced by a troll by using forums ‘‘Please wait for other users to participate before replying.’’ mechanics. My intention is not to be repetitive but freely discuss the topic.

And the horde players who wants shorter queue times should physically come to the alliance side and spend more time here. Merc system in its nature is a bad game design and creates an unreal fake plastic so called faction balance, because Alliance players can not use it by accepting longer queue times.
To put that simple:

A horde player has a ‘‘privilege’’ to became an Alliance player ‘‘by accepting disadvantages to be an Alliance player likewise less win chance/worse players on their random team etc.’’


An alliance player ‘‘do not have same privilege’’ become a horde player ‘‘by accepting disadvantages to be a horde player likewise longer queue times.’’

This is where the system brokes and starts to work on horde favor.