Mercenary PvP Mode should be removed from game to create true faction balance

Important forenote: I have been silenced by a troll by using forums ‘‘Please wait for other users to participate before replying.’’ mechanics. My intention is not to be repetitive but freely discuss the topic.

And the horde players who wants shorter queue times should physically come to the alliance side and spend more time here. Merc system in its nature is a bad game design and creates an unreal fake plastic so called faction balance, because Alliance players can not use it by accepting longer queue times.
To put that simple:

A horde player has a ‘‘privilege’’ to became an Alliance player ‘‘by accepting disadvantages to be an Alliance player likewise less win chance/worse players on their random team etc.’’


An alliance player ‘‘do not have same privilege’’ become a horde player ‘‘by accepting disadvantages to be a horde player likewise longer queue times.’’

This is where the system brokes and starts to work on horde favor.


U forgot to say about trolling in chat,afking…

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Don’t worry. I will make a seperated topic about this. Yesterday, in a single run, horde mercs, toxicly dropped flag on the horde group two times. But who will hear that? On a horde biased game which is developed by pro horde devs for the horde players? Actually no one cares about Alliance or Alliance players in this whole horde biased game.

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Well, I love PvP and it is my main type of content.
It sucks to wait so much for a battleground, although Horde seems to lose way more than Alliance. “Oh, they are mercs”
Actually, no, they aren’t.
They are all Alliance races.
If you are a true PvP enthusiast, you know you can’t just swap or play both factions, faction pride exists, it’s healthy and it adds flavor and roleplay to the game.
Outside of the game, it does seem like Horde is in superior numbers, and they bash Alliance for many reasons.
I love Warcraft itself more than one faction or another, so I have thought of joining Alliance (Im the type of person who doesn’t mind losing as long as the match is enjoyable/not a stomp), but you know… it feels like betraying my faction, which I dearly love.
I do agree merc mode kinda ruins immersion.
I think the Alliance has rich lore and I’ve imagined myself roleplaying them. But shh, don’t tell anyone.
If things get truly dire I might go Alliance…

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The system’s purpose is not to favour any one side inherently. It is to balance numbers in games. There have been points in the past where Mercenary mode hasn’t been available at all, because the participation balance has been fine, and even times when Alliance has had access to mercenary mode but not horde.

Also as far as “Horde mercenaries griefing” goes. Is this happening mostly in 40 mans BGs? I only queue 10-15 mans, and have kinda been flipping between horde and ali depending on mood and haven’t seen any griefing Horde mercenaries proclaiming to be so. I’ve seen a lot of complaining in general, far more than on horde, and a lot of personal attacks (Also far more than on horde), but none of this “Picked up the flag and dropped it for the enemy team” stuff you’re saying you’ve experienced.

Personally I don’t really like mercenary mode, I’m also a fan of anything that can be done to bring better number balance across factions and make BGs more enjoyable again. But to claim a system which does nothing other than measure data and produce a result is bias is absurd. A terribly designed bandaid for a much larger problem? Sure, but not bias.

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Please do not go of-topic, if you have a reasonable counter argument, then write it and make my ideas change, if don’t, don’t occupy the topic.

Sabotaging alliance bgs give nothing but waste of time to mercenaries. Myself I never sabotage any bg and get -% winrate to my profile. 10 minutes queue game you enter a bg to sabotage 10-15 minutes long bg? Its not worth it if you are clever.

You lose with mercenaries time to time because enemy team plays better.

With the Mercenary mode, they only aimed to keep more horde players on the horde side. If they even ‘‘intended’’ actually create a faction balance, they never should implement such system. It is another ‘‘horde only’’ service created by Blizzard.

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Actually they implemented the mercenary system in Warlords of Draenor, where only Alliance had option to merc queue. 90% of serious PvPers in WoD played alliance.

So basically it was created to try to balance things, but Blizzard messed up by nerfing Human racial to the ground in the next expansion (Legion) and loads of players switched back to Blood elfs or Orcs. That created a snowball effect which blizzard didn’t stop (or just didnt care about), so today you only have merc option on horde side.


The topic is not about sabotaging alliance bgs that I witness time to time. Please do not go of-topic, if you have a reasonable counter argument on main topic, then write it and make my ideas change, if you don’t, don’t occupy the topic.

It wont make faction balance too since half of the rated community is horde. It will drop alliance winrates time to time.

Thank you for the comment. This is very informative for me to see the things more objective. :slight_smile: Now I see, there are some signs of mistakes on my ways of thinking but there are more things than this… It is about nerfing Alliance racials… I understand.

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Said Elaénor with her 30 Honor level and 10k HKs …

The sad thing is , you think you are special and you try to insult someone with these lame arguments.

Go grind some Honor / HKs now anyway.

Also , a ‘friendly’ tip.

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Didnt check his honor level. 1 honor level is like 8 epic bg wins. 30 honor level is nothing. I think he needs to pvp a lot more.

I’m laughing so hard when I see your name now, you’re such a poor little snowflake xD

Mercenary mode is just a Pisspoor bandaid they put in place to fix a problem the devs don’t know how to fix. It’s Patheric.

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This comment is not a problem for you, but

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Learn to quote , i never said the first paragraph and i have no idea what are you talking about .

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Now , go edit the first paragraph since i never said anything like that.

I am leaving you alone with your pathetic off topic comment. You should be more civil and mature when interacting with other people. But anonymity of forums are wonderful way to see real life meek people’s real face.

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