Mind Quickening Gem update with the patch

We have one update to the patch that we want to make very clear. Previously in testing, we were adjusting the Haste that Mind Quickening Gem provided across the board. We’ve narrowed the scope of the adjustment:

  • Mind Quickening Gem is no longer usable in Arenas. The trinket is unchanged in all other areas of play.

I don’t say this often, but if this means you’re retracting the nerf for PVE as well like in PTR - thanks blizzard.


Thank you.

Thank you! Every time I lose all hope, you restore a tiny shred of it back. And with the Microsoft merge… maybe there is some tiny spark at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you for fixing

While you are restoring items, can we get a buff on Hand of Justice? 1.33 → 2.0

Sad to change things un-announced mid season like your company is full of alcoholics who have no proper way of using your brain.

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Agreed, Arcane mage takes an enormous amount of skill with an extremely complex rotation that you need truly galaxy brains to fathom.


As every other class in this game.

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