Minimum quality on public orders

as the title says. can we please have the minimum quality option for public work orders?
im sure the public order system with get more use


The purpose of Public orders are for when a buyer needs to get an item crafted but they don’t care about the quality. For example, recently dinged 70 and just need some gear crafted, or just need that Blue Profession Item. That way people who are trying to skill up their crafts can use these orders to get points.

Allowing buyers to set a Minimum Quality would mean that everyone would just automatically set it to Rank 5, which would mean skilling crafters won’t be able to craft them. That would not only defeat the point of the system, it would also mean Buyers could demand a 418 Lariat and only be willing to pay 10g for it. It puts too much power in the hands of the buyer and not enough in the hands of the player that spent the time levelling their Profession, farming the KP and getting the recipes.

If you need to have a Rank 5 craft, then your best option is just to ask in Trade Chat and find someone who is able to make it and has all their Knowledge points in the correct specialisation and be willing the pay a fair price for their services.


Ideally, I would like to specify something like: minimum Q2 with at least 30% inspiration to get a Q3. Right now you can’t even get that with trade chat as there’s no way to force the crafter to use an inspiration tool rather than resourcefulness.

There definitely needs to be more transparency when it comes to what stats a crafter has.

As a crafter I might have 42% inspiration, but sometimes when it gets to recraft number 5, even I start to doubt whether I’m telling the truth.

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Took 9 goes for my r5 mining sachet and procced the helm first time (same guy) so yeah. Sometimes the RNG is dead annoying, one time I literally refunded a guy because his weapon would not proc r5. Was embarrassing to say the least!

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Reagent change to publick orders kinda show why both reagent change and potentialy quality change are both bad ideas for public orders system

Shure sudenly yuo got public orders aveliable but like 95% of them are orders with ) mats and 100g fee where mats cos few thousnds to make it

If Quality change woud make it live 99% of public orders with be R5 with no mats or rank 1 mats and 100g fee or less

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No, the purpose was to send order to be filled outside of your guild / circle of friends who may not have that formula yet or that skill level

Maybe, maybe not. Also, it’s kinda fair to the buyer who spent his money on reagents and want a result for it.

Then don’t make it, simple as that.

Like now where there is a cartel with the same price every time and ppl who try to go lower or not respect the fixed price are targeted by auto reports and get banned?

I’m just quoting Blizzard.

The primary purpose of the public order system is to have a low barrier to entry for players to get their items crafted.

If you can’t get items made in your guild or friends circle, that is what Trade chat is for. You just ask around until you find an offer that you like.

Although I have heard of that happening. I’m pleased to say it doesn’t happen on my server. We’re a friendly bunch here.

The fact that folks now post public orders with literally 0 materials provided is just hilarious. Nice QoL changes…meanwhile this would be an actual good change, but no…

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