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Hello Blizzard, is it possible my Cloned character’s have been deleted? Or somehow wasn’t processed at the time? I logged on to WoW classic Azeroth after a break and I can’t find either of them. You should REINSTATE that policy. I’d pay like 4.99 for it.

You’ll be glad to know, you wont have to spend a penny, because the clone service is gone.


I’m already aware, I’m saying they should bring it back. Or explain if there is a known bug with the clone service.

They cant bring something back that has been deleted.

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Have they confirmed deletion then? Why would my transferred characters have been removed? All my other retail and classic wrath characters remain. These are the SAME characters. I think that’s unlikely, though I could see them do it because Blizz are a bunch of money grubbing tight wads these days.

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Yea. They confirmed they permanently deleted the clones about a year ago 7/26/2022.
And they advertised they where going to do exactly that for nearly a year before then, and retiring the service. (Everyone got a mail; the typical blizzard promo stuff so probably went in spam :slight_smile: , then it was also on the actual client “news”).

It was definetly seen. But ppl didnt care, era was not popular enough for you then.


It’s no longer available, they won’t transfer it to different game versions (for money or otherwise) etc etc.

Edit: Please keep it to the megathread with any feedback you may have:

Well, I had a break and I DID copy my chars over, I’m not the only one this has happened too either. I’m sure there’s nothing I can do about it now though, which sucks. Still, isn’t going to stop me trying…looks like I’ve evaded the fun police huh.

If you did activate them then they will be where you activated them. Are you sure you activated them in the right place? You are playing Wrath on that character, are you sure you didn’t activate them on wrath?

If they aren’t there then open a ticket and ask. I have only seen one person who paid for a clone and didn’t get it and it turned out they refunded the service.

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Legion of toxic peeps are going to tell you this will not come back and how unentitled you are to your old characters.

We´re all on the same boat here having lost our characters permanently it seems.

Can only hope someone at blizzard reconsiders this and restores the service.

@Dottie and company life has a funny way of rewarding your Karma.

GLTA, over and out.

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I hope it will come back but know it won’t.

btw you don’t need to over with the out. Over means it’s the other persons turn to speak and out means you won’t be listening. So like a lot of people here, you won’t be taking any notice of the replies.

I have only one character to clone back to Era, so I think I am most neutral one here :wink:
I hope for you all – and think – now some day soon Blizz will announce: “Heey peeps! Deep in a cellar, we found forgotten server, and ta-daa … we found clones! Maybe some lacking, maybe some not with all gear and levels, but basically we have most data.”

The only problem is the date of the data. The snapshot was quite a long time ago.

There is a very slight possibility that there is an even older pre-2021 backup somewhere.

My account is expiring, and I have no reason to return to this game at this point.

Looks like 2004 - 2023 and R.I.P. (pieces in this case)

And coming back to hear how a simple back up is unavailable, by what is considered a top world company is a bad joke.

Then coming back to hear a horde of people tell you how “unentitled” you are to your characters.

Hence the “out” part.

GLTA, watch your karma people. my 2 cents here for u.

p.d. BTW this game was a great run. First in Skullcrusher EU, then in Gandling EU. A ton of good times with both ally/horde-knuckleheads … :wink:

was hoping for a third run with the clone service, but no dice. peace … and thx original blizzard dev team.


BB and gl. We’ll keep the lights on for you.

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All I was saying is that “over and out” is incorrect. They only say that in movies. A conversation on a radio should end with just one person saying “out”.

Anyway, I hope you find another game you like to play.

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